Understanding before Moving 96: Queen's Gambit Declined (2)

by ChessBase
10/23/2022 – Herman Grooten is an International Master, a renowned trainer and the author of several highly acclaimed books about chess training and chess strategy. In the 96th instalment of his ChessBase show "Understanding before Moving", Herman continues to discuss structures that are typical for the Queen's Gambit Declined. | Photo: Pascal Simon

Key Concepts of Chess - Pawn Structures Vol.1 and 2 Key Concepts of Chess - Pawn Structures Vol.1 and 2

In this two-part course the emphasis will be on typical pawn-structures.


Have you ever wondered why almost all world champions had the answer 1...d5 in their repertoire when White played 1.d4? That is not easy to explain but the answer, in a nutshell, comes down to the fact that studying 'classical positions' is a must to become a strong chess player.

We are thinking here e.g. of positions with an isolated queen pawn (which we analysed in the last edition) and positions with "hanging pawns". It is incredibly instructive to know how best to approach a position when you have an isolated pawn or when you have to play against it.

The same  obviously applies to positions with "hanging pawns" because correctly assessing middle games, in which these typical pawn structures occur, determines in the long run how strong a player becomes. If he can successfully find his way through the labyrinth of these complicated structures and is able to understand the pros and cons of these middle games, he will benefit in totally different openings.

These video lessons provide a brief introduction to the various lines that can arise in the Queen's Gambit Declined, without going into great detail. Club players will first have to make sure to know that the move 2...Nf6 after 1.d4 d5 2.c4 is an ugly mistake, something Nimzowitsch already pointed out back in  the 1930s. Do you see how White can gain the advantage after Black's knight move?


Master Class Vol.1: Bobby Fischer

No other World Champion was more infamous both inside and outside the chess world than Bobby Fischer. On this DVD, a team of experts shows you the winning techniques and strategies employed by the 11th World Champion.

Grandmaster Dorian Rogozenco delves into Fischer’s openings, and retraces the development of his repertoire. What variations did Fischer play, and what sources did he use to arm himself against the best Soviet players? Mihail Marin explains Fischer’s particular style and his special strategic talent in annotated games against Spassky, Taimanov and other greats. Karsten Müller is not just a leading international endgame expert, but also a true Fischer connoisseur.

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