Carlsen is (still) the champ! - Games and commentary

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12/10/2021 – Magnus Carlsen picked up a fourth win at the World Championship match in Dubai to secure overall victory with three games to spare. Playing black, the world champion saw Ian Nepomniachtchi all but self-destructing for a third time in the match. This was Carlsen’s fourth consecutive defence of the title after becoming world champion in 2013. | Replay all the games with computer analysis. Full report to follow shortly | Photo: Niki Riga

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Game 11 - Carlsen wins it all!

Hosting the World Championship match are the United Arab Emirates. Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi are playing in Dubai, where the match is part of the Expo 2020.

The contest is a best-of-14 match, with rapid and blitz tiebreaks if necessary. This was increased from best-of-12 (in place for every world championship match since 2006), after all twelve regular games were drawn in the previous match in 2018.

The prize fund is 2 million Euros, split 60% vs 40% between winner and loser. If the match is tied after fourteen classical games, the prize fund will be split 55% vs 45% in favour of the tiebreak winner. 

The final moments of the match, captured by the ChessBase India team!

Games and commentary


Commentary by Judit Polgar and Anish Giri

Commentary by David Howell, Jovanka Houska and Kaja Snare

Commentary by Anna Muzychuk and Vishy Anand


Date Event
Wednesday 24 November Opening ceremony
Thursday 25 November Media day
Friday 26 November Game 1
Saturday 27 November Game 2
Sunday 28 November Game 3
Monday 29 November Rest day
Tuesday 30 November Game 4
Wednesday 1 December Game 5
Thursday 2 December Rest day
Friday 3 December Game 6
Saturday 4 December Game 7
Sunday 5 December Game 8
Monday 6 December Rest day
Tuesday 7 December Game 9
Wednesday 8 December Game 10
Thursday 9 December Rest day
Friday 10 December Game 11
Saturday 11 December Game 12
Sunday 12 December Game 13
Monday 13 December Rest day
Tuesday 14 December Game 14
Wednesday 15 December Tiebreak or closing ceremony
Thursday 16 December Closing ceremony in case of a tiebreak

All games start at 16:30 local time (12:30 UTC, 7:30 ET).


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