World Championship: Game 10 annotated by Wesley So

12/9/2021 – "A short and quite uneventful draw, which totally makes sense as Magnus is on the verge of match victory." This is how Wesley So summed up game 10 of the World Championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi. However, in his analyses he still managed to dig deep and indicates a lot of hidden subtleties of the game, particularly in regard to opening theory and match strategy. | Picture: FIDE

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World Championship match 2021, Game 10: M. Carlsen - I. Nepomniachtchi


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Stephen Ham Stephen Ham 12/9/2021 09:26
This was an excellent annotation by GM Wesley So. He took an extremely boring-looking game, and gave it life and interest with very thoughtful commentary.

Well done, Wesley!
nirvana1963 nirvana1963 12/9/2021 12:21
@deadbob "... Ian will play his heart out now". A bit late right when you need 3½ points out of 4 games? He should have done it from the very beginning instead of those dull draws (apart from game 2). He literally didn't achieve anything with the white pieces in the first half of the match, not the way you can beat Carlsen.
deadbob deadbob 12/9/2021 10:31
Impossible?? I think so but we will see. To overcome a -3 deficit
looks pretty daunting but Ian will play his heart out now. The
rest day comes at a good time.