Women's Candidates 2019, Round 12

6/14/2019 – The Women's Candidates is taking place in Kazan, Russia from May 31 to June 17. In addition to the EUR €200,000 prize fund, the largest in history for a tournament of this kind, the winner earns the right to challenge World Champion Ju Wenjun in match play. After 11 of 14 rounds Aleksandra Goryachkina leads with 8½/11 and is 2½ points ahead of her closest rival, Kateryna Lagno. Today Goryachkina could win the tournament with two rounds to spare. Round 12 starts at 3:00 pm local time (12 Noon UTC / 14:00 CEST). Follow the games live, with video commentary by GM Evgeny Miroshnichenko and IM Elisabeth Paehtz courtesy FIDE. | Picture: FIDE Chess

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Round 12 

The race for the Women's World Championship title begins in Kazan with the newly established Candidates Tournament. It will be the strongest female tournament in history and also has a record prize fund of €200,000.

From May 29th to June 19th, eight top grandmasters compete against each other in a double round-robin tournament, playing for the right to challenge World Champion Ju Wenjun. After a break of more than twenty years, the tradition of the candidate tournaments in women's chess is being taken up again.

Standings after Round 11


Live games and commentary


Commentary by GM Evgeny Miroshnichenko and IM Elisabeth Paehtz | FIDE YouTube channel

Pairings and results


Report on Round 1


Report on Round 2


Report on Round 3


Report on Round 4


Report on Round 5


Report on Round 6


Report on Round 7


Report on Round 8


Report on Round 9


Report on Round 10


Report on Round 11

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All rounds start at 3:00 pm local time (12 Noon UTC / 14:00 CEST)

May 31 - Round 1
June 1 - Round 2
June 2 - Round 3
June 3 - Rest Day
June 4 - Round 4
June 5 - Round 5
June 6 - Round 6
June 7 - Rest Day
June 8 - Round 7
June 9 - Round 8
June 10 - Round 9
June 11 - Rest Day
June 12 - Round 10
June 13 - Round 11
June 14 - Round 12
June 15 - Rest Day
June 16 - Round 13
June 17 - Round 14
June 18 - Tiebreaks (if necessary) and the Closing Ceremony


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nayls nayls 6/10/2019 03:13
There is an excellent article about Vera Menchik at Wikipedia site.
--Sam Naylor
Daniel Miller Daniel Miller 6/6/2019 11:01
Tan missed a win combining threats to the queen, rook and finally knight with a clear sequence of 28. Rc1 Be8 29. d6 c6 30. Bc2 Qd5 31. Qd5 cd5 32. ba5 ba5 33. f5 and the knight on g6 is trapped. If you are claiming a legitimate challenge to the world title, you have to see that. Ju Wenjun would have seen it, I believe.
Keith Homeyard Keith Homeyard 6/1/2019 05:03
I'm well aware of the rule which I agree with. It's just that I mistakenly assumed it was a short match knockout in this event like the Grand Prix.
If it had been short matches then I would have preferred them to meet later - if both successful! :)
vdragan vdragan 6/1/2019 04:02
@Keith Homeyard: I think it is the rule that sisters always must play in first round.
Keith Homeyard Keith Homeyard 6/1/2019 02:28
My lazy error - I had mistakenly assumed the same format of short matches like the Grand Prix just finished! :)
Masquer Masquer 6/1/2019 01:14
why a pity, when it is the rule that players from the same federation have to face each other in the starting rounds of the candidates tournament?
WillScarlett WillScarlett 5/31/2019 03:43
I feel compelled to lapse into complete and unabashed subjectivity: The video was painful - the music must play 24/7 in Hell, and the manic, St Vitus Day "dancing" was violent and disturbing AND derivative. Kazans 'n the Hood ?!
The strenuous efforts to make chess relevant and trendy is needless and absurd.

Vera Menchik just rolled in her grave about this "talent" show purportedly conceived to celebrate women's chess.

What next ? For God's sake, show some class and measured restraint. Genuine talent wouldn't hurt either .
Keith Homeyard Keith Homeyard 5/31/2019 03:21
Pity seeing the Muzychuk sisters paired against each other 1st round.