The ultimate ChessBase and Mega Database guide

by ChessBase
6/17/2020 – International Master Sagar Shah decided to make a huge tutorial about our flagships - the ChessBase 15 software and the Mega Database. Both software applications are full of content. Once you know what they are capable of, you can't get enough of them and if you use them thoroughly, your chess skills will improve without a doubt.

ChessBase 17 - Mega package - Edition 2024 ChessBase 17 - Mega package - Edition 2024

It is the program of choice for anyone who loves the game and wants to know more about it. Start your personal success story with ChessBase and enjoy the game even more.


All ChessBase 15 and Mega Database features explained

IM Sagar Shah works with ChessBase and the Mega Database every single day. Once you know how to use all the functions as well as Sagar, you will profit from them just like he does.

In almost three hours (!), Sagar Shah teaches us all the features, answers questions from his viewers and writes a PowerPoint guideline so you will never forget what you learned in this video.

Subjects Sagar deals with – click on the time stamps to jump to the section you wish to view:

  • Creating a database - 3:37
  • Annotating and saving a game - 9:15
  • Reference and Live Database - 27:50
  • Mega Database with 8.1 million games  - 43:27
  • How to search for games of players - 1:04:47
  • How to prepare against an opponent - 1:05:29
  • How to create an opening report - 1:09:56
  • Similar endgames & similar structures - 1:19:16
  • Mega Database 2020 filters - 1:30:14
  • Replay training - 1:56:11
  • Cloud Databases - 2:00:17
  • Using an engine and cloud engines - 2:06:15
  • The amazing "Let's check" feature - 2:13:28
  • Tactical analysis and deep analysis - 2:16:32
  • Instant analysis - 2:21:49
  • Three months of ChessBase premium account - 2:25:07
  • Generate repertoire - 2:30:00

Mega Database 2020

The ChessBase Mega Database 2020 is the premiere chess database with over eight million games from 1560 to 2019 in high quality. Packing more than 85,000 annotated games, Mega 2020 contains the world‘s largest collection of high-class analysed games. Train like a pro! Prepare for your opponents with ChessBase and the Mega Database 2020. Let grandmasters explain how to best handle your favorite variations, improve your repertoire and much more.


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