Magnus Carlsen Tour Finals: Carlsen wins in Armageddon

by ChessBase
8/20/2020 – The Finals of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour are taking place on August 9-20, with a prize fund of US$300,000 at stake and US$140,000 reserved for the winner. Magnus Carlsen levelled the score for a third time in the sixth set. The match will be decided in Thursday’s seventh and final set (see the full report on set 6!). Action kicks off at 16:00 CEST (14:00 UTC, 10:00 ET). | Photos: David Llada / Niki Riga

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Carlsen vs Nakamura - Set 7

A best-of-5 format is in place at the semifinals, so winning three sets (or mini-matches) is enough to move on to the final. The format for each set consists of:

  • 4 rapid games with a time control of 15 minutes for the whole game and 10-second increments from the first move.
  • In case of a tie: 2 blitz tiebreakers with a time control of 5 minutes for the whole game and 3-second increments from the first move.
  • In case of a tie: Armageddon - White gets 5 minutes, Black gets 4 minutes, but a draw gives Black overall victory.

The winners move on to the final, which will be played to the best of 7 sets.

There will be no scheduled rest days. The semis will be played on August 9-13 and the final will take place on August 14-20.

Previous reports:

Magnus Carlsen Tour Finals 2020

Live games and commentary


Commentary by GM Peter Leko, GM Yasser Seirawan and IM Tania Sachdev

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Henrique Saboia, VP of Growth at Kiva, commented:

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bbrodinsky bbrodinsky 8/21/2020 03:48
Carlsen didn't win the last game. He doesn't believe in fortresses, so I don't believe he won. Armageddon sucks anyway, in my mind it's a drawn match.
GR2 GR2 8/21/2020 01:59
A great chess tournament. It will go down as a classic. Hats off to Hikaru Nakamura for his fantastic fighting spirit and skills. In a way this tournament has been a "World Championship". It would be fitting one day to see these two also battle for the classical world championship.
Peter B Peter B 8/21/2020 01:29
After that last Armageddon game... maybe Carlsen believes in fortresses after all.
Daer Daer 8/21/2020 01:01
Congrats to Carlsen. A nice addition to all the money he receives from the online gambling addicts.
sligunner sligunner 8/21/2020 12:18
Watching Carlson's interview . . . can't this man manage to say one nice thing about his opponent? How about a bit of sportsmanship, world champion?
Ajeeb007 Ajeeb007 8/20/2020 11:08
The two players were equally matched. To have it settled by the unfair method of an Armageddon game is a poor way to end such an epic struggle.
KingZor KingZor 8/20/2020 06:52
I love this match! Clash of the Titans, man!
KrushonIrina KrushonIrina 8/20/2020 12:41
Magnus showed the grit of a champion in Match 6. Echoes of the Michael Jordan Flu Game.

On to the seventh and final match in what has proven to be one of the greatest battles of modern times.
knnt954 knnt954 8/19/2020 11:07
@tom_70...Are you 70 years old? Do you have aggressive dementia? Be proper. Please keep this beautiful site clean.
tom_70 tom_70 8/19/2020 08:19
Naka is clearly outclassed here, but definitely putting on a brave face for the crowd. The World Champion will vanquish him once and for all in the finale!!
Aighearach Aighearach 8/19/2020 07:16
On to the last day! What a great final.
Gerald C Gerald C 8/19/2020 08:19
Marvellous play by a great Hikaru !
CaliDave CaliDave 8/19/2020 01:54
Hikaru played brilliant defense, during game analysis, comments were made that Magnus had an overpowering win only to see Hikaru neutralize bring these to a draw. The commentators stopped suggesting who was ahead because Naka the neutralizer held his own and now is a point ahead. Brilliant play by both players made for many exciting games.
Green22 Green22 8/18/2020 03:03
LOL! @ Tom_70.. are you high? or just ignorant? Naka is what some amateur to you? only the BEST online blitz player on the planet.
tom_70 tom_70 8/17/2020 11:46
Congrats to Carlsen for letting Naka pretend he belongs. We know he will crush him in the end, like everyone else, but letting the fans think he is a qualified opponent is good entertainment.
Gerald C Gerald C 8/16/2020 08:55
Hikaru is playing better and more enterprising chess than Magnus. That's all !
hurwitz hurwitz 8/16/2020 04:07
Naka often shows fake gestures during live games, particularly when he has better positions.
Midhat Krilic Midhat Krilic 8/16/2020 12:47
Svjetski sahovski prvak Magnus Carlsen,
nije nikakav mit!
On je, do sada rodjen, najbolji sahista na Zemlji.
A nije ni Rus ni Amerikanac.
bbrodinsky bbrodinsky 8/15/2020 11:05
Naka has him on the ropes.
fgkdjlkag fgkdjlkag 8/15/2020 06:22
Not saying that anything is wrong with Nakamura's strategy, but this is a reason for Fischer Random. Good luck trying to figure out a drawn line from a randomly generated position. No criticism of Nakamura is justified given everything was done within the rules, especially if the strategy works.
gwrtheyrn gwrtheyrn 8/13/2020 04:41
Both Ding and Carlsen played today like men who could use a day off, but it was still very interesting.