Chess calendar: June 2019

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6/3/2019 – The Candidates tournament for the Women's World Championship technically began in May, but it's primarily a June affair. Meanwhile, World Champion Magnus Carlsen is in action in Stavanger for the seventh time, and World Chess is trying a new format in Moscow that also involves Armageddon. You'll find all of these events and more covered in our live games broadcast area and we'll also be providing News coverage as well.

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Muzychuk, Magnus and more

These are the major events on the chess calendar for June 2019, with links to their official sites. When live games are available, we'll also add these along with any links to our News page coverage of each tournament.

May 21 - June 17: Women's World Championship Candidates

The Candidates tournament for women takes place in Kazan, Russia from May 31 to June 17. In addition to the EUR €200,000 prize fund, the largest in history for a tournament of this kind, the winner earns the right to challenge World Champion Ju Wenjun in match play. Live from 12 Noon UTC (14:00 CEST / 8 AM EDT) with video commentary by GM Evgeny Miroshnichenko and IM Elisabeth Paehtz courtesy FIDE.

Final standings


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June 3-14: Altibox Norway Chess

The 7th Norway Chess tournament in Stavanger is experimenting with a novel anti-draw format (see Norway Chess Armageddon gambit one of the most commented stories of 2018!), where a result is guaranteed in every pairing of every round, thanks to a tiebreak in the case of a drawn classical game. The time control of the ten-player round-robin tournament is also reduced to two hours per player per game, with no bonus per move.

Stories on Altibox Norway Chess

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave won the blitz tournament with an impressive score of 7½/9!


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Final standings

# Name Country Rating Points
1 Magnus Carlsen Norway 2875 13½
2 Levon Aronian Armenia 2752 10½
  Yu Yangyi China 2738 10½
4 Fabiano Caruana USA 2819 10
  Wesley So USA 2754 10
6 Ding Liren China 2754
7 Maxime Vachier-Lagrave France 2779 8
  Viswanathan Anand India 2767 8
9 Shakhriyar Mamedyarov Azerbaijan 2774
  Alexander Grischuk Russia 2775

June 5-15: 20th Karpov Tournament

Poikovsky, Russia hosts this annual tournament, a 10-player round-robin, with the red-hot Vladislav Artemiev, alongside a mix of experienced and up-and-coming young players: Dmitry Jakovenko, Vladimir Fedoseev, Wang Hao, Krishnan Sasikiran, Rauf Mamedov, Anton Korobov, Ivan Saric, Vladislav Kovalev and Andrey Esipenko.

Poikovsky is deep in the middle of Russia

Artemiev wins Karpov Poikowsky Tournament

Final standings


June 10-16: World Chess Armageddon series

A new experiment from World Chess, the former rights-holder of the World Championship that continues to operate the Grand Prix series for FIDE. The is similar to and will compete for attention with Norway Chess. According to their press release:

The show will feature eight of the world’s top grandmasters playing a series of two blitz games, with each player having three minutes to play the entire game or be declared the loser. Should the two blitz games not produce a clear winner, then the players will proceed to an Armageddon game tie-breaker.

The match format is double-elimination, with a prize-fund of $50,000, and the eight announced players are:

  1. Vladimir Kramnik (Russia)
  2. Teimur Rajabov (Azerbaijan)
  3. Sergey Karjakin (Russia)
  4. Ian Nepomniastchi (Russia)
  5. Daniil Dubov (Russia)
  6. Ernesto Inarkiev (Russia)
  7. Boris Gelfand (Israel)
  8. Wei Yi (China)

Kramnik retired from professional chess, but it's nice to see he's still willing and interested in playing.

The players wear heart rate monitors, which World Chess calls "a first for professional chess matches" but has in fact been tried before, for example at the Unofficial Fischer Random (Chess960) World Championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura in 2018.

World Chess Armageddon logo

World Chess logo for its "Armageddon Series 2019"

Karjakin win kicks off World Chess "Armageddon" series

June 23 - July 2: Netanya International Chess Festival

Newly announced is yet another 10-player round-robin, this time in Israel and featuring top Israeli players Maxim Rodshtein, Boris Gelfand, Evgeny Postny and Ilja Smirin and Tamir Nabaty, joined by international stars Leinier Dominguez, Peter Svidler, Daniil Dubov, Luke McShane and Pavel Eljanov. Netanya is the name of the city and the stadium where the tournament takes place and the event carries a prize fund of USD $100,000.

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Final standings


June 26 - July 7: Grand Chess Tour Croatia


Following the rapid and blitz in Abidjan in May, the Grand Chess Tour moves to the Croatian capital of Zagreb for a 12-player round-robin tournament featuring all the top stars and a whopping USD $325,000 prize fund.

This will be the first classical event and will feature all 12 full members of the GCT including World Champion Magnus Carlsen.

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Current standings


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