Artemiev wins Karpov Poikowsky Tournament

by Johannes Fischer
6/17/2019 – So far, 2019 has been a good year for Vladislav Artemiev: in February 2019 the Russian Grandmaster had a rating of 2709 but after winning the Gibraltar Masters in January and the European Individual Championship in March he now has a rating of 2761 and is number 10 on the FIDE World Ranking List. At the strong Karpov Tournament in Poikovsky Artemiev was the number one seed but he needed a strong finish to win the tournament on tie-break. | Photos: Vasily Papin

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20. Karpov International Tournament in Poikovsky

Anatoly Karpov, born on May 23, 1953, and World Champion from 1975 to 1985 is one of the strongest chess players in the history of the game and though he no longer plays tournament chess he is still very active. He occasionally plays in Germany's Premier League, the "Bundesliga", he gives simultaneous events, plays exhibiton matches, and promotes chess all over the globe. Perhaps he is also the only player who has a tournament named after him while being alive - the Karpov International Tournament in Poikovsky. The 20th edition was a strong round-robin with ten players from seven countries that finished on June 15.

Elo-favourit was Vladislav Artemiev but it took a while before he found his stride. After seven rounds Artemiev had one win, one loss, and five draws, and was trailing one point behind Dmitry Jakovenko who led the field with 4½/7. However, in the last two rounds Artemiev won his last two games and caught up with Jakovenko who drew twice. Both finished with 5½/9 but Artemiev had won more games and won the tournament on tie-break.

In the crucial last round Artemiev found a remarkable pawn sacrifice which helped him to beat Vladimir Fedoseev in a tactical complicated positon.


Vladimir Fedoseev | Photo: Vasily Papin

Dmitry Jakovenko: unbeaten, but second on tie-break | Photo: Vasily Papin

Final standings after 9 rounds




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Johannes Fischer was born in 1963 in Hamburg and studied English and German literature in Frankfurt. He now lives as a writer and translator in Nürnberg. He is a FIDE-Master and regularly writes for KARL, a German chess magazine focusing on the links between culture and chess. On his own blog he regularly publishes notes on "Film, Literature and Chess".


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