Attention all GMs: Köfte tournament in Turkey!

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5/3/2005 – Kofte Kebab or Shish köfte are minced lamb meatballs, spiced with herbs, most often including parsley and mint. They are delicious and they are thematic for a tournament that is being staged in an idyllic thermal resort in Turkey. If you are 2600+ on the list you are welcome to apply. But be quick, only the first nine will be invited.

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The First Inegöl Traditional GM Tournament – Formula Köfte!

24 November to 8 December 2005

Event and Venue

The Inegöl Traditional GM Tournament will be organised every year at the same time in Inegöl, Bursa, Turkey. Inegöl is a very big industrial town.

The town is very famous with traditional ‘Inegöl Köfte’, one of the best in the world by the name and taste. Kofte Kebab or Shish köfte are minced lamb meatballs, spiced with herbs, most often including parsley and mint. They are usually grilled on a stick or split.

The traditional Turkish köfte

The town has also reputation with furniture industry. Overall yearly export amount of furniture is approximately 500 Millions USD. The Golden sponsors are Inegöl Municipality and Altin Nesil (Golden Age) Private Schools.

The event will consist of 13 players; 9 of them rated over 2600 ELO on the April 2005 FIDE list. Four players will be top Turkish IMs. The tournament will be round robin system with 13 rounds. The rate of play is 90 minutes for all moves + 30 seconds increment per move (FIDE time control).


Any GM over 2600 is eligible to be candidate for the First Inegöl Traditional Grand Master Tournament. The candidates must fill out application form given at the bottom of this page, sign it and send it by fax not later than 13 June to Turkish Chess Federation (+90 312 3109620). After this date no applications will be accepted.

From the valid applications, the top nine Elo rated players will be invited to tournament with following conditions: Each player who gets right to play in the tournament will be paid between US $1,200 to $1,800 as transportation and appearance fee from their own country to Istanbul. Players must make their own travel arrangements up to Istanbul (bus, ship, train, plane, etc.). Transportation from Istanbul to Inegöl will be arranged by organisers in good conditions by car/bus according to schedule of the tournament.

Appearance fees

Countries / Elo
Brazil, Cuba, USA, Vietnam
China, India
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Spain, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Island, Israel, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Macedonia, Nederland, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Slovakia, Sweden, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

Selection procedure

Each applicant must be rated over 2600. They will be shown on the tournament web site as temporary application. After June 13 all applications will be sorted by Elo and the top nine players will have the right to play in tournament (when they have signed a contract with The Turkish Chess Federation (TCF). If any player withdraws, a new player will be selected from the June 13 list.

Prize Fund

The prize fund for the tournament is US $12,000. First prize is $3000, second is $2000, third to thirteenth is US $1500, 1000, 900, 800, 700, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200 and 100.


The tournament will be organised in a Thermal Hotel in Oylat, Inegöl. Each player will be given single room full board accommodation by organisers. The traditional Turkish hospitality is the guarantee for a great atmosphere in Olyat.

Silence and beauty! The ambiance in Inegöl, as if created for chess

Like fruit, holidays are best when taken in season; summers are spent lazing on a beach and winters skiing down a snowy slope. Located some 70 kilometres from Bursa in the Uludag mountain range, the spa town of Oylat is the ideal place to rejoice in the dawn of nature after its wintry sleep. After passing through the city of Inegöl, follow the signs for Oylat, which lies in a hidden green valley 10 kilometres down the road.

The Oylat Thermal Springs

Nestled in a sea of trees that seem to float in the warm vapours that rise from its thermal springs, Oylat is an outdoor temple of serenity. Although its history is shrouded in mystery, it seems likely Oylat's baths date back to Roman times. Nearby ruins bear a strong resemblance to Roman cisterns and baths.

A traditional Turkish Mehter Team

Like many other spa towns, Oylat has a legend associated with its healing waters. Once upon a time, the daughter of a Byzantine ruler of the region was struck by a mysterious illness. Unable to cure her, her doctors sent her into the forest to take the waters as a last resort. Believing that her case was hopeless, they told her to ''Öl yat'', or simply accept her fate and ''lie down and die''. But the girl was miraculously cured and soon returned to the palace. The spring became renowned for its healing powers, and was named 'Ölyat', a rather inauspicious name that over time was transformed into Oylat.


Previous events in Turkey:

Application Form of Formula Köfte!

Name of Candidate:


Birth Date

Passport Number

Elo 1st April 2005

With this application I accept to play in Formula Köfte, 1st Traditional Inegol GM Tournament under the condition that I am one of the top nine candidates of applicants. My full board accommodation will be provided by organisers in single room and I will be paid a transportation and appearance fee by the organiser.

Signature – Date

Fax to +90 312 3109620

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