Jon Speelman's Agony Column

Jon SpeelmanDid you enjoy the column and instructive analysis by GM Jonathan Speelman? Do you wish you could have a world-renowned grandmaster analyzing your play? You can! Just send in two of your games.

To send in your games and photos simply upload a PGN or ChessBase file to his dropbox (see below), along with your name and e-mail address (can be in the PGN or a separate text file). Send one success story (Ecstasy) and one loss (Agony).

Tell Jon why you chose them, where or when they were played.

Please be sure to include your email address, so Jon can reply, and preferably a photo of yourself for our article.


If your game is selected Jon will contact you personally, and not only will you get free detailed commentary of your games by one of chess’s great authors and instructors, and former world no. 4 player, but you also win a free three-month ChessBase Premium Account (another reason we need your email address!)

A three-month Premium subscription to ChessBase Account means you get:

  • Premium access to the Playchess server with ratings, simuls, lectures, and live commentary of top games
  • Access to all Web apps with no restrictions, such as the Cloud database, and more!
  • Full access to the Video archive, which not only includes all the past lectures by Daniel King, Simon Williams and others, but also a large number of full ChessBase products you would normally need to buy in the ChessBase Shop but that you can view, for free, as a Premium subscriber.

Of course, you can also register a free account in seconds and take advantage of many features available to everyone!

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