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5/18/2018 – The Women's World Championship match between defending champion Tan Zhongyi and challenger Ju Wenjun is played over ten games, half in Shanghai (Ju Wenjun's hometown), half in Chongqing (Tan Zhongyi's hometown). After eight games Ju Wenjun leads 4½-3½ and Tan has two games left to catch up. Live games from 9:00 AM CEST (3:00 AM EDT) | Photo: Gu Xiaobing

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Tan Zhongyi vs. Ju Wenjun

From May 2nd to 19th the Women's World Chess Championship is being decided in China between two Chinese players: Reigning World Champion Tan Zhongyi, currently ranked tenth in the world, defends her title against world number two, Ju Wenjun. The organizer of the competition is the Chinese Chess Federation, which will host the match in Shanghai and Chongqing — Ju Wenjun is from Shanghai, Tan Zhongyi lives in Chongqing.

The competition for the World Championship is played over ten games. Should it be tied, a rapid (and if necessary, blitz) playoff will be played on May 19th.

Live games (15:00 in Shanghai / 9:00 AM CEST / 3:00 AM EDT)


Current standings



Date Event Place
May 2 Opening ceremony Shanghai
May 3 Game 1 Shanghai
May 4 Game 2 Shanghai
May 5 Rest day Shanghai
May 6 Game 3 Shanghai
May 7 Game 4 Shanghai
May 8 Rest day Shanghai
May 9 Game 5 Shanghai
May 12 Game 6 Chongqing
May 13 Game 7 Chongqing
May 14 Rest day Chongqing
May 15 Game 8 Chongqing
May 16 Game 9 Chongqing
May 17 Rest day Chongqing
May 18 Game 10 Chongqing
May 19 Playoff (if needed) / Closing Chongqing


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garyklien garyklien 5/15/2018 04:36
I wouldn't want to give big coverage to something that is not only outdated but ridiculous. If there is no major differnce between the woman/man, stop making separate tournaments ;)
ketchuplover ketchuplover 5/13/2018 07:24
ancient chinese secret huh?
wb_munchausen wb_munchausen 5/13/2018 01:51
I think Hou Yifan also had some disagreement with the format of the championship cycle, and so did not participate. It is difficult to get interested in the event, partly because the games are played in China and the time difference makes watching the games live impractical.
BeachBum2 BeachBum2 5/12/2018 11:45
> quite perplexing ... such a lack of coverage for such an event.
2 mid 2500 range players playing... so understandably, not that much interest. It is like in almost any sport (soccer, basketball etc), women tournaments are not exactly a sponsor/general public highlight. Beach volleyball might be an exception, but they wear bikinis...
celeje celeje 5/12/2018 06:34
@ Theochessman: Hou does not want to play against women any more. She gets upset even playing women in open tournaments.
Yes, she's not just the strongest Chinese woman, but the strongest woman.
Theochessman Theochessman 5/12/2018 10:52
Why isn't Hou Yifan playing? She is the strongest Chinese woman player, right? Or is this a candidates match?
Mel Griffin Mel Griffin 5/10/2018 05:20
It's quite perplexing as to why there is such a lack of coverage for such an event.
It appears there is as much written on this site for the TePe Sigeman & Co tournament as for The World Championship.
KevinC KevinC 5/6/2018 04:07
It is looking like a serious mismatch already.