Women's World Championship: a quick draw in game 7

by Klaus Besenthal
5/13/2018 – The seventh game of the Women's World Championship match between reigning World Champion Tan Zhongyi and challenger Ju Wenjun was drawn after 33 moves. Ju Wenjun now leads by 4-3 and Tan Zhongyi has only three more games to catch up and to keep her title. | Photos: Gu Xiaobing

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Women's World Championship 2018, Tan Zhongyi vs Ju Wenjun

Game 7 was surprisingly unspectacular - Tan Zhongyi played with White and is trailing in the match but it seemed as if she had quickly given up hopes to be able to generate winning chances in this game. Ju Wenjun, however, was playing with Black and did not mind a draw - with three rounds to go she still leads by one full point.


Tan Zhongyi

Ju Wenjun






Date Event Place
May 2 Opening ceremony Shanghai
May 3 Game 1 Shanghai
May 4 Game 2 Shanghai
May 5 Rest day Shanghai
May 6 Game 3 Shanghai
May 7 Game 4 Shanghai
May 8 Rest day Shanghai
May 9 Game 5 Shanghai
May 12 Game 6 Chongqing
May 13 Game 7 Chongqing
May 14 Rest day Chongqing
May 15 Game 8 Chongqing
May 16 Game 9 Chongqing
May 17 Rest day Chongqing
May 18 Game 10 Chongqing
May 19 Playoff (if needed) / Closing Chongqing




Klaus Besenthal is computer scientist, has followed and still follows the chess scene avidly since 1972 and since then has also regularly played in tournaments.


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