Women's Grand Prix in Monaco - a trio at the top

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12/14/2019 – The final round started with Aleksandra Goryachkina as the sole leader, a full point ahead of Humpy Koneru and Alexandra Kosteniuk. But Humpy had her fate in her hands as she had white against Goryachkina and came through with a clutch victory. Kosteniuk also won, leaving a trio at the top with 7.0/11. Games and commentary.

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Kosteniuk, Humpy and Goryachkina share 1st

The Women's Grand Prix Series 2019/20 consists of four tournaments, based on the similar series in the open world championship cycle. The principle difference is that the women participate in the "normal" round-robin format, rather than as a knockout tournament. The top two scoring players qualify for the next Candidates Tournament.

Anna Muzychuk held Goryachkina to a draw in Round 10, but the latter took a full point lead to the final round where she faces Humpy Koneru, who was held to a draw herself by Pia Cramling. Alexandra Kosteniuk checkmated Harika in their game and was tied at the second place along with Humpy.

In the final round's top pairing, Humpy defeated Goryachkina, to join her at 7.0/11. But Kosteniuk took down Elisabeth Paehtz to reach the same score, thus becoming joint winner of the Monaco GP. 

Live games and commentary


Commentary by GM I. Dorfman, WGM Keti Tsatsalashvili & GM B. Heberla

Current standings


Tournament review

FIDE's Women's Grand Prix in Monaco started with a solitary win by Skolkovo GP winner Humpy Koneru. She had to fight for over five hours against Valentina Gunina from an inferior position to score a victory after enduring the longest grind of the day. Report on Round 1

The second round of FIDE Women's Grand Prix at Monaco witnessed four decisive results. Humpy continued her lead by beating Mariya Muzychuk. Report on Round 2

Anna Muzychuk halted Humpy Koneru's winning streak by holding her to a draw. The most exciting game of the round was between Mariya Muzychuk and Kateryna Lagno. Report on Round 3

Tournament leader Humpy maintained her lead after surviving quite a few missed opportunities by her opponent Nana Dzagnidze. Anna Muzychuk arguably had the most interesting game of the round against Kateryna Lagno after almost a five-hour long game. Report on Round 4

Humpy had a quiet draw with Kateryna Lagno to maintain her sole lead. Pia Cramling had an uneventful draw with Nana Dzagnidze. A further pair of draws, plus two decisive games leaves five players a half point behind the leader. Report on Round 5

Kosteniuk held Humpy to a draw after missing a half chance in the opening. Goryachkina and Harika scored fine victories to join Humpy in the lead with 4.0/6 before heading to the rest day of the tournament. Report on Round 6

Both Goryachkina and Humpy won their respective seventh round games to stay in the lead with 5.0/7. Harika trails behind the leaders by a half point. She made a short draw with Anna. Pia Cramling, Kateryna Lagno and Anna Muzychuk are tied at the fourth spot with 4.0/7 each. Report on Round 7

Goryachkina scored a victory over Gunina and took sole lead with 6.0/8. Humpy drew her game with Harika and they are now at second and third place. Cramling recovered against Mariya after making a few mistakes. Kosteniuk beat Dzagnidze and now is at shared fourth place. Anna Muzychuk made a short draw with Elisabeth Paehtz, Kateryna Lagno had a fighting draw with Zhao Xue. Report on Round 8

Mariya Muzychuk held Goryachkina to a draw, despite the former getting an advantage in the opening. Humpy suffered her first loss of the tournament against Paehtz. Thus, Goryachkina took a full-point sole lead. Harika made a short draw with Lagno. Both Humpy and Harika are now tied at second place. Cramling, Kosteniuk, Lagno and Anna Muzychuk are at tied fourth place. Gunina lost her sixth consecutive game, this time against Dzagnidze. Report on Round 9

Schedule of tournaments

The first tournament in Sklokovo has already been completed and was won by Humpy Koneru, who celebrated a very successful comeback after her "baby break". Each of the 16 participants in the series plays in three of the four tournaments.

Grand Prix players

Players and current point in advance of Monaco

At the Opening...

On Monday, the opening ceremony was held at the Yacht Club of Monaco. FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich was among those in attendance, calling the event "the continuation of the brilliant history of chess events in the Principality [of Monaco]”.

Jean-Michel Rapaire, president of the Monaco Chess Club, noted the event is under the patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, and expressed his gratitude.

Players group photo

The 12 players in Monaco plus Jean-Michel Rapaire and Arkady Dvorkovich


The start of all rounds is 15:00 local time, except the last round on December 14th which begins at 13:00. December 9th is the only rest day. 

December 3, Round 1

  • Harika Dronavalli - Dzagnidze Nana
  • Paehtz Elisabeth - Zhao Xue
  • Cramling Pia - Kosteniuk Alexandra
  • Goryachkina Aleksandra - Lagno Kateryna
  • Gunina Valentina - Koneru Humpy
  • Muzychuk Mariya - Muzychuk Anna

December 4, Round 2

  • Dzagnidze Nana - Muzychuk Anna
  • Koneru Humpy - Muzychuk Mariya
  • Lagno Kateryna - Gunina Valentina
  • Kosteniuk Alexandra - Goryachkina Aleksandra
  • Zhao Xue - Cramling Pia
  • Harika Dronavalli - Paehtz Elisabeth

December 5, Round 3

  • Paehtz Elisabeth - Dzagnidze Nana
  • Cramling Pia - Harika Dronavalli
  • Goryachkina Aleksandra - Zhao Xue
  • Gunina Valentina - Kosteniuk Alexandra
  • Muzychuk Mariya - Lagno Kateryna
  • Muzychuk Anna - Koneru Humpy

December 6, Round 4

  • Dzagnidze Nana - Koneru Humpy
  • Lagno Kateryna - Muzychuk Anna
  • Kosteniuk Alexandra - Muzychuk Mariya
  • Zhao Xue - Gunina Valentina
  • Harika Dronavalli - Goryachkina Aleksandra
  • Paehtz Elisabeth - Cramling Pia

December 7, Round 5

  • Cramling Pia - Dzagnidze Nana
  • Goryachkina Aleksandra - Paehtz Elisabeth
  • Gunina Valentina - Harika Dronavalli
  • Muzychuk Mariya - Zhao Xue
  • Muzychuk Anna - Kosteniuk Alexandra
  • Koneru Humpy - Lagno Kateryna

December 8, Round 6

  • Dzagnidze Nana - Lagno Kateryna
  • Kosteniuk Alexandra - Koneru Humpy
  • Zhao Xue - Muzychuk Anna
  • Harika Dronavalli - Muzychuk Mariya
  • Paehtz Elisabeth - Gunina Valentina
  • Cramling Pia - Goryachkina Aleksandra

December 9 - Rest day

December 10, Round 7

  • Goryachkina Aleksandra - Dzagnidze Nana
  • Gunina Valentina - Cramling Pia
  • Muzychuk Mariya - Paehtz Elisabeth
  • Muzychuk Anna - Harika Dronavalli
  • Koneru Humpy - Zhao Xue
  • Lagno Kateryna - Kosteniuk Alexandra

December 11, Round 8

  • Dzagnidze Nana - Kosteniuk Alexandra
  • Zhao Xue - Lagno Kateryna
  • Harika Dronavalli - Koneru Humpy
  • Paehtz Elisabeth - Muzychuk Anna
  • Cramling Pia - Muzychuk Mariya
  • Goryachkina Aleksandra - Gunina Valentina

December 12, Round 9

  • Gunina Valentina - Dzagnidze Nana
  • Muzychuk Mariya - Goryachkina Aleksandra
  • Muzychuk Anna - Cramling Pia
  • Koneru Humpy - Paehtz Elisabeth
  • Lagno Kateryna - Harika Dronavalli
  • Kosteniuk Alexandra - Zhao Xue

December 13, Round 10

  • Dzagnidze Nana - Zhao Xue
  • Harika Dronavalli - Kosteniuk Alexandra
  • Paehtz Elisabeth - Lagno Kateryna
  • Cramling Pia - Koneru Humpy
  • Goryachkina Aleksandra - Muzychuk Anna
  • Gunina Valentina - Muzychuk Mariya

December 14, Round 11

  • Muzychuk Mariya - Dzagnidze Nana
  • Muzychuk Anna - Gunina Valentina
  • Koneru Humpy - Goryachkina Aleksandra
  • Lagno Kateryna - Cramling Pia
  • Kosteniuk Alexandra - Paehtz Elisabeth
  • Zhao Xue - Harika Dronavalli


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