Getting better: The ChessBase 15 Training Database

by Nadja Wittmann
1/24/2019 – ChessBase 15 makes chess training easier. One tool that helps your training is the "training database" that is integrated into the program and offers selected examples for "replay-training". Here's a short tutorial how to find and how to install this useful database. | Drawing: ChessBase

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A training tool

ChessBase 15 is a great aid to the training regimen of players of all levels. But some people may be searching for ideas on how to use it best. Here's an introduction to a simple but powerful tool for improvement.

How to load the integrated training database?

Open ChessBase 15, go to "Home" and click "Open".

Home menu

TIP: It may be already available in your My Databases view!

Next, select the database "Best Games For Replay Training".

Select database

Now you are ready to start!

Can't find the training database?

Try to install it: Open Windows Explorer and enter  — or copy/paste — the path to the installation file:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\ChessBase\InstallUserDocs\CBase15\SetupReplayTraining.exe

Windows explorer

After pressing "Enter" the installation dialogue to install the ChessBase 15 training database opens:

Setup screen

Now restart ChessBase 15 and load the training database ("Home" → "Open"). By default you should find the training database under the following path:

This PC → OS (C:) → User → (Your Windows username) → Documents → ChessBase → Training

A double-click opens the training database and you can start the replay training.

Home menu games list

Double-click on any game to open it

How best to use Replay Training

Learn more in detail about how to use the Replay Training feature:

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