Bamberg 1968, Round 13: Draws on top boards

by Klaus Besenthal
7/5/2020 – In the thirteenth round of the Bamberg Jubilee Tournament, almost all games ended drawn — and some of them were very short. Only the Bulgarian grandmaster Milko Bobotsov (photo: Dutch National Archive) achieved a victory against Jürgen Teufel from Bamberg. But, since these two players are in the bottom half of the standings table, their decisive result had no influence on the fight for first place: with two rounds to go, Paul Keres still has a one-point lead over World Champion Tigran Petrosian.

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International Jubilee Tournament in Bamburg

Have the Soviet players Keres and Petrosian possibly even agreed on a “non-aggression pact” regarding the awarding of the first places? It almost looked that way yesterday:


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So far, no one has managed to beat Keres or Petrosian in this tournament, so the two actually seem to control the field at will. The one closer to the Soviet duo is Lothar Schmid, who with a win over Laszlo Szabo of Hungary could have benefited from the situation, as he was only half a point behind Petrosian in third place before round 13. Although Schmid had a temporary (space) advantage against the Hungarian, this was probably not enough to win the game — Szabo is, after all, one of the strongest grandmasters in the world.


Bamberg 1968

The game between Bobotsov and Teufel showed once again how pleasant it is to play when the opponent suffers from a lack of space and is condemned to persistent passivity:


Results of Round 13

Board Name Result Name
1 Lothar Schmid  ½ - ½ Laszlo Szabo
2 Heikki MJ Westerinen  ½ - ½ Tigran V Petrosian
3 Roman Toran Albero  ½ - ½ Hans Guenter Kestler
4 Jan Hein Donner  ½ - ½ Paul Keres 
5 Wolfgang Unzicker   ½ - ½ Borislav Ivkov
6 Milko Georgiev Bobotsov 1 - 0 Juergen Teufel 
7 Rudolf Teschner   ½ - ½ Klaus Klundt 
8 Helmut Pfleger  ½ - ½ Andreas Dueckstein

Standings after Round 13

Bamberg 1968

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Klaus Besenthal is computer scientist, has followed and still follows the chess scene avidly since 1972 and since then has also regularly played in tournaments.


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