AVRO 1938, Round 14 - Live

6/15/2020 – The AVRO Tournament 1938 comes to an end. After 13 of 14 rounds Paul Keres and Reuben Fine have 8.0/13 each and lead the field. In the last round they play against each other. The winner of this game will also win the tournament. In case of a draw Keres is first on tiebreak because he won against Fine in round 7. Transmission of all rounds starts at 17:00 CEST (16:00 UK, 10:00 EST).

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At the AVRO Tournament 1938 the eight best players in the world compete against each other in a double-round-robin.

Pairings of round 14

P. Keres - R. Fine
A. Alekhine - Botvinnik
S. Flohr - S. Reshevsky
M. Euwe - J.R. Capablanca

Standings after round 13







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Lovuschka Lovuschka 6/9/2020 10:02
With the first half over, it seems pretty certain that the American master will win. Of course, there are still seven rounds to play, but Keres is already one and a half points back, the other players even more. The current and the two former World Champions are far behind. I am a bit worried about the situation in Europe, but if it won't destabilize, I expect to see Fine, or even Keres, to play against Alekhine for the world title in the next few years. Maybe Alekhine can come to America? Can we see a match in New York City? I really wish the Wiener Schachzeitung was still around, but they closed earlier this year. Their opinion would be much appreciated.
Talhaunted Talhaunted 6/7/2020 08:46
Those matches from the past, by the best are amazingly precious. Puts what we see today in a certain perspective, but more importantly shows how modern technology gives access to those classical marvels in ways the contemporaries could not enjoy. Since we owe to the present pandemic to have this generous display of absolute excellence, long live to the coronavirus...
Werewolf Werewolf 6/6/2020 12:01
i find it hard to believe they know how many seconds each move took....
PurpDriv2 PurpDriv2 6/4/2020 06:22
How do Chessbase reproduce the thinking time?Did they record their thinking time? Some moves seem to be very obvious while they take a lot of time thinking.
Denix Denix 6/4/2020 09:01
I assume AVRO is Algemene Vereniging Radio Omroep or in English "General Association of Radio Broadcasting" which was was a Dutch public broadcasting association operating within the framework of the Nederlandse Publieke Omroep system, established in July 1923 and got dissolved in September 2014.