AVRO 1938, Round 5: Fine profits from his rivals’ draws

by Klaus Besenthal
6/7/2020 – At the AVRO tournament in the Netherlands, the lead of the young American Reuben Fine over his closest rivals has increased further. Now that about a third of the games have been played, Fine has collected 4½ points, while World Champions Alexander Alekhine and Paul Keres are lagging behind with 3 points apiece in second place. In round five, Fine was the only one to score a win, while the game between Alekhine and Keres was drawn. | Pictured: Studios of the broadcasting company "AVRO" in Hilversum

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AVRO 1938 - Round 5

In his game against Salo Flohr, Reuben Fine scored a quick attacking victory with the white pieces:


Reuben Fine

Reuben Fine has been dominant at the tournament in the Netherlands

World Champion Alexander Alekhine had chances to beat Paul Keres, but he did not make the most of them — until they finally slipped away from him:


Alexander Alekhine

Against Keres, Alekhine was not as determined as he usually is over the board

The game between Reshevsky and Capablanca was without tension. Reshevsky was a pawn up in the rook ending, but he could not convert it into a full point.


José Raúl Capablanca

José Raúl Capablanca, Alekhine's predecessor as World Champion, has now noticeably passed his zenith — he has drawn all his games so far

In the game between Botvinnik and Euwe, after forty moves a position was reached in which neither player could have moved anything without making concessions:


Max Euwe

Mathematician Max Euwe was born in Amsterdam in 1901 — after becoming World Champion in 1935, chess became extraordinarily popular in the Netherlands, despite Alekhine regaining the title only two years later 

Results of Round 5

S. Reshevsky ½-½ J.R. Capablanca
R. Fine 1-0 S. Flohr
M. Botvinnik ½-½ M. Euwe
A. Alekhine ½-½ P. Keres

Standings after Round 5





Klaus Besenthal is computer scientist, has followed and still follows the chess scene avidly since 1972 and since then has also regularly played in tournaments.


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