Artemiev edges Harutyunian to win Nezhmetdinov Memorial

by Klaus Besenthal
9/23/2018 – Rashid Nezhmetdinov (1912-1974) was one of the most famous chess players in the world during his lifetime — a few decades ago, it was almost impossible not to find his name while studying or following chess. In the early sixties, the International Master even worked as a coach of World Champion Mikhail Tal. The city of Kazan, Nezhmetdinov's hometown, hosts a memorial tournament in his honour every year. The 40th edition of the event finished Friday with a narrow victory by Russian Grandmaster Vladislav Artemiev. | Photos: Official website

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Youngsters finish ahead in Kazan

The city of Kazan is located about 800 km east of Moscow, at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka Rivers — thus, still in the European side of Russia. Rashid Neszhmetdinov lived and died in the "Third Capital of Russia", although he was born in Aktiubinsk (currently in Kazakhstan). The eminent chess writer also played checkers and was one of the most important personalities in Soviet chess for many years. It is no wonder that a memorial tournament is played in his honour, and one that has taken place already forty times!

Kazan has previously hosted high-profile events like the Women's World Championship and the Russian Championship

The 20-year-old Russian grandmaster Vladislav Artemiev arrived in Kazan as the rating favourite by a margin of over a hundred Elo points. In the end, he lived up to his role as first seed and won the tournament with 7/9 points. Armenian IM Tigran Harutyunian also amassed seven points, but ended up second on tiebreaks criteria. The direct clash between the two players in round seven, however, clearly favoured Artemiev:


Vladislav Artemiev met his opponent's attack with a cool head | Photo: Official site

Final standings

Rg. Snr   Name Land Elo Pkt.  Wtg1   Wtg2   Wtg3 
1 1 GM Artemiev, Vladislav RUS 2703 7,0 55,5 50,0 5
2 18 IM Harutyunian, Tigran K. ARM 2504 7,0 49,5 45,5 6
3 2 GM Kokarev, Dmitry RUS 2595 6,5 54,0 49,5 4
4 10 GM Korneev, Oleg ESP 2547 6,5 53,0 49,0 4
5 3 GM Chigaev, Maksim RUS 2593 6,5 50,5 46,0 5
6 9 GM Volkov, Sergey RUS 2547 6,5 50,0 45,5 4
7 13 GM Yudin, Sergei RUS 2525 6,5 48,5 45,0 4
8 15 GM Levin, Evgeny A. RUS 2516 6,5 47,5 43,5 5
9 23 IM Drygalov, Andrey RUS 2465 6,5 47,0 43,0 5
10 17 IM Khanin, Semen RUS 2507 6,5 47,0 42,5 5

...108 participants

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Translation from German: Antonio Pereira


Klaus Besenthal is computer scientist, has followed and still follows the chess scene avidly since 1972 and since then has also regularly played in tournaments.


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