Russian Women battle it out in Kazan

7/4/2004 – Tired of all those men playing chess in the desert? Well here for a change in pace is the Russian Women's Championship with top female players competing for the title and a $50,000 prize fund in Kazan (Tatarstan). We explain where exactly that is and how the ladies are doing in our extensive illustrated report.

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Russian Women's Championship in Kazan

The links in this purely Russian language site are in red and translate to the following:

Super final – 28 June -11 July, Kazan
List of participants
Results: 1 round, 2 round, 3 round, 4 round, 5 round
Parings: 6 round, round, 8 round, 9 round, 10 round, 11 round
Photo reports: opening ceremony, 30 June, 1 July
Games in PGN: 1 round, 2 round, 3 round, 4 round, 5 round