World Championship Guide to Sochi

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10/16/2014 – The World Championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand is just three weeks away. It takes place in a volatile political region of Russia, but in a city that is a very attractive seaside resort. It can be reached in half-hourly flights from Moscow or in two hours from Istanbul, and stay in a five-star hotel for a special rate of €88 (US $112) per night. Here are all the details.

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World Championship Guide to Sochi

On March 30 former World Champion Viswanathan Anand won the Candidates Tournament in Khanty Mansiysk to become the next challenger of the current World Champion, Norwegian GM Magnus Carlsen, in November this year. Initially there were no bids for the championship. Then, on June 11, 2014, FIDE has announced that a venue and a sponsor has been found: Sochi. There was trouble brewing when Magnus Carlsen objected to the venue, but eventually he signed the contract. The World Championship 2014 could go ahead as planned.

The venue for the World Championship is not too far from a very volatile political region

So Sochi it was: the match will be held on the territory of the Olympic Village, in the period from 7th November to 28th November, with a budget of US $3,000,000. Of this one to one and a half million will go to the players as prizes.

International airport Sochi Adler is located in seven km from the Olympic Park where match will take place. For visitors getting from abroad, the most convenient way to get to Sochi is via Moscow or Istanbul. There are flights to Sochi from Moscow departing to Sochi every 30 minutes. Flight time from Moscow to Sochi is 2½ hours. Flight time from Istanbul to Sochi is two hours. The drive time from the airport to the venue is approximately 30 minutes and costs about 1200 rubles ($30).

The exact address of the venue is Sochi Media Center, 11 Nesebrskaya St, Sochi, Russia. The playing hall and related venues will be located there, specifically the press center, the "Green Room", the Press Conference Hall, the VIP zone Sochi Media Center, the Organizing Committee Office, the FIDE President Office and a souvenir shop.

All guests of FIDE World Chess Championship Match 2014 are offered the special discount in the official hotel. To apply the service you need to enter promo code “CHESS” when you book room on the website. If you want to book rooms by phone just notify that you are guest of the FIDE World Chess Championship Match 2014. Standard Room in the five-star Radisson Blu Resort & Spa (image above) is EUR 88.00.

You can also stay in the three-star Tulip Inn Omega Sochi for a special price of EUR 40.00. The main advantage of the Tulip is its location – the hotel is situated next to the Sochi Media Center where the Match takes place and Press Center is located. Walk to the main facilities of the FWCM won’t take more than 3-5 minutes. All contact and booking information can be found in the FIDE press release given below.

There are three restaurants in Radisson Paradise and Spa and two in Tulip Inn that work from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sochi is a lively city with many other restaurants and sights.

Calendar of events

The WCM 2014 shall be played over a maximum of twelve (12) games and the winner shall be the first player to earn 6.5 points or more. If winner scores 6.5 points in less than twelve games then Closing Ceremony will be rescheduled for an earlier date. The games will be broadcast live on Playchess with expert commentary.

Playchess live commentators
7 Nov. Opening ceremony  
8 Nov. Game 1 Simon Williams/Nicholas Pert
9 Nov. Game 2 Daniel King/Parimarjan Negi
10 Nov. Rest day  
11 Nov. Game 3 Daniel King/Loek van Wely
12 Nov. Game 4 Daniel King/Rustam Kasimdzhanov
13 Nov. Rest day  
14 Nov. Game 5 Simon Williams/Irina Krush
15 Nov. Game 6 Daniel King/Yannick Pelletier
16 Nov. Rest day  
17 Nov. Game 7 Simon Williams/Loek van Wely
18 Nov. Game 8 Daniel King/Loek van Wely
19 No. Rest day  
20 Nov. Game 9 Simon Williams/Irina Krush
21 Nov. Game 10 Daniel King/Simon Williams
22 Nov. Rest day  
23 Nov. Game 11 Chris Ward/Parimarjan Negi
24 Nov. Rest day  
25 Nov. Game 12 Simon Williams/Rustam Kasimdzhanov
26 Nov. Rest day  
27 Nov. Tie-break games TBA
28 Nov. Closing Ceremony  

FIDE press release

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Captain Picard Captain Picard 10/16/2014 07:50
Yeah here I go, lol. Even Carlsen doesn't want to go, no one in their right mind would. Screw Russia and FIDE. They deserve each other.
idratherplay960 idratherplay960 10/16/2014 03:32
"Sochi is a lively city"?! Are we talking about the same Sochi as the winter olympics??...I mean the hotel image is computer genrated and all the real photos of present day Sohi just show unfinished buildings, Unkempt property and stray dogs