World Chess


Sochi, Russia




Championship Match



Magnus Carlsen



November 7 - 28, 2014








Viswanathan Anand


A Culmination of the 2013-2014






Championship Cycle




General Information

Russian Federation and the city of Sochi are hosting the FIDE World Championship Match 2014. It will take place from November 7th to Novem- ber 28th 2014. The match is between World Champion Magnus Carlsen (Norway) and winner of the Candi- dates Tournament 2014 Vishvanathan Anand (India).

The WCM 2014 shall be played over a maximum of twelve (12) games and the winner shall be the first player to earn 6.5 points or more. If win- ner scores 6.5 points in less than 12

games then Closing Ceremony will be re-scheduled for an earlier date.

The FIDE Presidential Board will take place during the FWCM. It starts No- vember 8th and ends November 10th.

The event is organized by World Chess Events, FIDE, and Russian Chess Federation Contact information of the organizers:

Natalia Saliy, Coordinator: +7(926)924-1138, salienatalie@gmail.com

Alvina Chalova, Media Accreditation: +7(916)885-9084, alvina.chalova@gmail.com Ilya Merenzon, General Director: +7(926)3328401, merenzon@agonlimited.com

Calendar of events

7 November

Opening ceremony

8 November

Game 1

9 November

Game 2

10 November

Rest day

11 November

Game 3

12 November

Game 4

13 November

Rest day

14 November

Game 5

15 November

Game 6

16 November

Rest day

17 November

Game 7

18 November

Game 8

19 November

Rest day

20 November

Game 9

21 November

Game 10

22 November

Rest day

23 November

Game 11

24 November

Rest day

25 November

Game 12

26 November

Rest day

27 November

Tie-break games

28 November

Closing Ceremony*

If one of the players earns 6.5 points in less than 12 games, the closing ceremony will take place the next day after the winner is determined.


The Match will take place in the Sochi Media Center.

Address: 11 Nesebrskaya St, Sochi, Russia.

The playing hall and related venues will be located there:

Playing Hall

Press Center

Green Room

Press Conference Hall

•VIP zone

Sochi Media Center

Organizing Committee Office

FIDE President Office

Souvenir Shop

Sochi Airport

International airport Sochi Adler is located in 7 km from the Olympic Park where match will take place. For visitors getting from abroad, the most convenient way to get to Sochi is via Moscow or Istanbul.

There are flights to Sochi from Moscow departing to Sochi every 30 minutes. Flight time from Moscow to Sochi is 2.5 hours. Flight time from Istanbul to Sochi is 2 hours. We sug- gest usingAeroflot,Transaero,and S7Airlines.

The drive time from the airport to the venue is approxi- mately 30 minutes. It should cost about 1200 rubles ($30).

Official Hotels

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa (*****)

http://www.radissonblu.com/resort-spa-sochi 65 Let Pobety Street, 50, Adler District, Imeretin Lowland, Sochi, Russia

Phone: +7 (862) 243 33 33 Contacts for booking:

+7 (862) 243 33 54

Email: reservations.spa.sochi@radissonblu.com

All guests of FIDE World Chess Championship Match 2014 are offered the special discount in the hotel.

To apply the service you need to enter promo code “CHESS” when you book room on the website.

If you want to book rooms by phone just notify that you are guest of the FIDE World Chess Championship Match 2014.

Standard Room -- EUR 88.00

From the airport to Sochi Media Center

Tulip Inn Omega Sochi (***)


Olympiyskiy avenue, 3, Imeretinskaya valley, Adler district, Sochi, Russia

+7 (862) 262 72 72

The main advantage of the Tulip Inn Omega Sochi is its location – the hotel is situated next to the Sochi Media Center where the Match takes place and Press Center is located. Walk to the main facilities of the FWCM won’t take more than 3-5 minutes.

Contacts for booking:

+7 (862) 262 72 72, Email: reservations@tulipinnomega.com Use “SOCHI_CHESS” when you book a room by phone or email.

Standard Room -- EUR 40.00


There are 3 restaurants in Radisson Paradise and Spa and 2 restaurants in Tulip Inn that work from 6AM to 11PM. However, Sochi is a lively city with many restaurants and other sights. Below is a list of restaurants that are close to the playing hall:

O’Sullivan’s Irish Pub

VinoGrad Restaurant & Bar

Жарко! (Zharko!) Restaurant

65 Let Pobedy Str, 69 (Shkiperskaya Str),

Bestuzheva Str 1/1, “Mandarin” shopping

Kostromskaya Str (Moldovka) 13, Sochi

Adler District

mall, Adler District



Monday-Friday: 10.00-24.00

Tel: +7 (938) 400-74-01

Tel: +7 928 667-73-77

Saturday, Sunday: 10.00-02.00 (kitchen

Wi-Fi, open terrace, accept cards, parking

Live music, summer terrace, brunch, Wi-

open till 23:00)

Family restaurant created by Margarita

Fi, accept cards.

Tel: +7 (862) 234-55-66

Simonyan (Russia Today TV) is

Traditional Irish Pub situated near Radis-

DJ is playing on weekends, Wi-Fi, accept

situated near Adler airport.

son Blu Paradise & Spa hotel.

cards, FC/DC, open terrace.

Fancy Brazilian kitchen, grilled meat, wide

American dishes, beer, sider. We have

Extensive menu with European, Italian and

choice of desserts. “All you can eat” fair

tried burgers and

Caucasian cuisine.

costs 2’000 rubles.

Black Sea mussels.

Beautiful sea view and private pool.