Wireless chess with Sasha Kosteniuk

8/29/2003 – On Sept. 6th world vice champion Alexandra Kosteniuk will play a simultaneous exhibition at the Theatre De Balie in Amsterdam. But her six opponents will not be in the hall, but making a journey to it, starting from famous locartions. During the trip they will play against the simul master via mobile phone.

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On Saturday, September 6, 2003, starting 13:00 hrs, Mobile Excellence BV in co-operation with KPN Mobile and the other European i-mode operators (BASE - Belgium, E-Plus - Germany, Bouygues Telecom - France and Telefonica Móviles - Spain) will organise a world premiere: a mobile chess simultaneous exhibition.

19-year-old Russian women's grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk, the ladies world chess vice-champion, will play simultaneously against six players who will not be sitting opposite her, but who will play via mobile phones.

Alexandra Kosteniuk will play her games from theatre De Balie in Amsterdam, with live comment from Holland's well-known chess player, international master Hans Böhm.

Her opponents will start their games from different well-known locations in the Netherlands: the Euromast in Rotterdam, Madurodam in The Hague, the Dom Tower in Utrecht, the World Trade Center in Amsterdam, the Max Euwe square in Amsterdam and the aeronautical museum Aviodome at Schiphol airport.

During the games the opponents will travel in various ways to De Balie to finish their games there.

The games will be played with i-mode telephones via the new service w-chess, which means that the moves are not passed through by voice, but will be made directly via the mobile phones.

The games can be followed live by all i-mode users via www.w-chess.net.
Other chess enthusiasts can follow the games via the most popular web site for chess information in the Benelux, www.schakers.info.

A limited number of entrance tickets are available for € 5,00 per person at the box-office of De Balie or can be reserved by telephone with Mobile Excellence at +31.342.418.402 or fax +31.342.414.568.

More information about wireless chess can be found at www.m-excel.com.

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