Easy and efficient - download your ChessBase products

by Nadja Wittmann
6/19/2018 – Downloading your ChessBase products is easy and offers many advantages: you can immediately install and use the products (on several devices) and you do not have to wait for the mailman — and you can also easily move your programs to a new computer. Here's a short tutorial about downloading ChessBase products. | Drawing: ChessBase

Fritz 16 - He just wants to play! Fritz 16 - He just wants to play!

Fritz 16 is looking forward to playing with you, and you're certain to have a great deal of fun with him too. Tense games and even well-fought victories await you with "Easy play" and "Assisted analysis" modes.


Ditch the disk

Many computers nowadays no longer come with an optical disk drive. That's why nearly all ChessBase products are also available as a digital download. Other than nostalgia, there's little reason to own a physical DVD of any of your favourite ChessBase tools or content these days. Ditching the disk means you don't have to worry about your three-year-old's fingerprints, keeping track of packaging, or finding all your old DVDs when you upgrade your PC. Everything is available in your Shop account.

Where and how?

First, you go to the ChessBase Shop to log in:

Shop page

The ChessBase Online Shop (click or tap to enlarge)

Click or tap the login link, enter your username (or email) and your password for the shop and hit the red login button. Once you are logged in, you can access your downloads directly. Just click on "My Downloads" tab:

My downloads

After logging in "My Downloads" appears in the menu of the shop

Your product list

From My Downloads, the list of all your purchased ChessBase products will be displayed.

Product list

Sort according to product groups

If your product list is long it might help to sort the list according to product groups by clicking the corresponding tab, e.g. "Training" or "Databases":

Sort products


Download links and activation keys

If you click or tap on a specific product you see the serial number and the download links for this item.

"My Databases" with activation key (will be where you see "Serialnumber" above) and the corresponding download links

You can install and activate the programs and DVDs on three of your devices. If you buy a new computer (or device) and already reached the maximum number of product installations, deactivate the product on one of your old devices. After that, you can activate the product on your new computer or device.


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