A new computer? Move with ChessBase!

by ChessBase
9/29/2017 – When you finally bought a new computer you probably would love to immediately install ChessBase and Fritz to test the new machine. But you should take care to deactivate your ChessBase programs and Fritztrainers on your old computer. This helps to let the programs run smoothly on the new system. Here's how to go about it.

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Moving with Fritz

(or Daniel or Simon)

The current versions of ChessBase 14 and Fritz 15 must be activated online to finish the installation. And the new interactive Fritz Trainer DVDs also need to be activated online before the moves and lines the author explains in the video appear on the board. You can install, activate and use all our programs on three of your computers at the same time. This guarantees that you can use your software, for instance, on your desktop computer and your notebook.

If you buy a new computer you should remember to deactivate your programs before discarding the old system. This resets the counter for your program number on the activation server and you can use the number immediately when installing the program on the new computer. You will find the deactivation option in ChessBase 14 and Fritz 15 under File>Activation>Deactivate:

On the File menu, hover over Activation, and then click Deactivate

The resulting dialogue with the label "Undo Activation" will already have a number.   Please check whether this is the correct program number — e.g. the number printed into the DVD box of Fritz 15. If necessary, change the number and enter the correct number. With the "OK" button you will contact our server which will finally confirm the activation.

Things are a bit different with the Fritztrainer DVDs because the activation dialogue described above only allows you to activate and deactivate programs. To deactivate a Fritztrainer you first have to load the training course, e.g. with your ChessBase reader. On the overview-page you will find the "Activate/deactivate Fritztrainer" button:

Check the activation code in the following dialogue and start the deactivation with "OK". Use the same routine to deactivate other active Fritztrainers on your old computer. 

The London System with 2.Bf4

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