Tkachiev and Skripchenko win French Championships

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8/27/2006 – He's a flamboyant grandmaster, a specialist for blitz chess. She is the winner of major women's tournaments, and poster girl of a German soccer team. Yesterday Vlad Tkachiev won the open section and Almira Skripchenko the women's section of the French championship in Besançon. Congratulations!

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Hi Almira,

Congratulations on winning the French Championship. You've done it a couple of times before, haven't you? I remember you won it last year, but didn't the previous two years, mainly because you played in the Men's Section in 2002 and 2003. I also recall that you won the Ural Supertournament with the world's strongest female players in 2004. So when are you becoming a (male) grandmaster?

Yeah, I know I could phone, or send an SMS (remember when people would communicate personal messages by writing letters?). But I am writing a report on the ChessBase news page, which I know you read quite diligently, so why not do it this way? Incidentally you said you would be in Hamburg three times during the next Bundesliga season. Tell us when, you are always welcome to come and stay.

But I carry this too far. Fond greetings.

Dear Vlad,

Congratulations to you too! Great stuff – I thought you were a blitz specialist. I noticed that you won the French Championship in a rapid chess playoff against Laurent Fressinet, which you won 1.5:0.5, but I haven't found those games yet. Please send them to me if you have them. I also realise that at 32 you are rated 2645, and had a 2700 performance in Besançon. So you are still definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Greetings and keep in touch.


Dear Fred, thanks for the congratulations. I am sending you the missing games.
Best regards, Vlad Tkachiev

The games have been added to the PGN file

French Champions 2006

Open section

French Individual Champion 2006 Vladislav Tkachiev

Vladislav Tkachiev, whose Russian name, Владислав Ткачев, is sometimes transcribed Tkatschjov, was born on November 9th, 1973, in Moscow. He is of Kazakh and in 1982 the family moved to Kazakhstan, where Vladislav learnt chess at the age of ten. Two years later he won the Youth Championship of the country and in 1992, at the age of 18, he became part of the Kazakh Olympic team. At 19 he became a grandmaster and in 1995 he moved to Cannes in France, and now represents this country in sporting events. His greatest tournament victories were Oakham 1993, Cannes 1996 and 1999, Isle of Man 1996 and Makarska 1997.

Women's section

Almira Skripchenko was born on February 17th, 1976, in Kishinev (today Chisinau) Moldova. In 1992 the country became independent from Russia, and Almira was for the first time able to take part in world championships. She immediately won the Under 16 women's championship, and went on to win bronze in the Under 18 section a year later. In 2001, 25, she won the individual ladies European championship, was nominated "sportsman of the year" in Moldova, and received the Order of National Merit of her native country. In 2002 a new sports complex and chess club was set up in Kishinev, with the name "Elmira Skripchenko-Lautier" (Almira's dark secrets: her name was originally spelled with an E, and she was married to French GM Joel Lautier).

Today Almira lives in Paris and represents France in tournaments. She is famous for her elegance and good looks, and is regarded by many as the most beautiful of female Grandmaster in the world. Almira is certainly one of the greatest ambassadors for the game in Europe, USA, China and other parts of the world. She has been the subject of many spectacular articles on our news pages, and also written a number of them.

Almira as the Werder Bremen poster girl

Frederic Friedel

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