The Weekly Show: Celebrating Nezhmetdinov

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12/15/2020 – In his “Weekly Show” IM Lawrence Trent celebrates one of the greatest attacking players of all time, Rashid Gibiatovich Nezhmetdinov! | Lawrence's show is available at 18:00 UTC (19:00 CET, 14:00 ET) on-demand with a ChessBase Premium Account. You can register a Premium account here. | Pictured: Rashid Nezhmetdinov (left) with his brother, Kavi Nadzhmi | Source:, retrieved from Douglas Griffin’s webpage

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Lev Polugaevsky vs Rashid Nezhmetdinov

Born on December 15, 1912 in Aktiubinsk, Rashid Nezhmetdinov was an eminent Soviet chess player. Despite never getting the GM title — given how difficult it was to do so at that time — he is considered one of the most dangerous attackers of all time, with Jon Speelman recently describing him thus:

A player so violent that he was able more than once to out-hack Misha Tal himself.

In order to pay tribute to the man from Aktiubinsk, Lawrence analyses a game in which Nezhmetdinov defeated the great Lev Polugaevsky with black in 1958. Spoiler alert: the game lasts 33 moves and includes an astounding queen sacrifice!

But first a warm-up. In round 7 of the women’s Russian championship, Alina Kashlinskaya defeated Alisa Galliamova with the black pieces. Can you find the breakthrough?


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