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10/3/2023 – Hundreds of thousands of people in the Netherlands play chess or are interested in one of its numerous aspects. Some 20,000 are organized: they belong to a chess club. Quite a few people have found the way to the Max Euwe-Centrum, but many have no idea at all of its facilities and possibilities. ChessBase India's Sagar Shah and Amruta Mokal, who were reporting on the Levitov Chess Week, visited the tournament venue and the chess museum, and give us a complete video tour!

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Are you are interested in the long history of chess, in the games of the old international masters, in problem- and computer chess, correspondence chess, endgames, chess and artificial intelligence, chess and psychology, chess and art history, chess and philately? Then you should definitely pay a visit to the "Max Euwe-Centrum" sometime. You will be surprised at what our centre has to offer. It is unparalleled in the world.

The Max Euwe-Centrum is located at the Max Euweplein 30-a in Amsterdam, between the Leidseplein and the Vondelpark. You are welcome from Tuesday to Saturday from 12.00 – 16.00 hours (except on public holidays. Admission is free. You can contact the Center by email ( or telephone +31 20 6257017. Here is the official web site.

If you cannot make it to Amsterdam, there is another solution. Watch Sagar Shah's report on his visit to the Max Euwe-Centrum:

Here's an interview with Frederic Friedel, who befriended Max Euwe in 1979.

Sagar also shows us the venue of the Levitov Chess Week 2023 on which he was reporting. It was hosted by the Waldorf Astoria hotel, originally built in 1665. this is one of the most beautiful hotel properties in the world. The players and guests lived in this hotel and the playing venue was also at the same place. The hotel is so laden with history and tradition. In his video report Sagar speaks to Isabelle, a personal concierge at the hotel, who shows him the venue: 

If you are looking for a nice place to stay in Amsterdam, you might consider the Waldorf Astoria – although it may not be within your budget. But watching Sagar's report you can at least visit the hotel vicariously.

The Levitov Chess Week is a rapid chess tournament held annually in Amsterdam. It is one of the strongest rapid chess tournaments in the world, with a field of top grandmasters from around the globe. The tournament is sponsored by Ilya Levitov, a Russian businessman and chess enthusiast. Ilya has dedicated the Levitov Chess Week to his wife Adele Levitova, who is a painter. In this interview we get to know more about Adele, who was not just a gracious host but has also created some brilliant artwork. In the video we go over 16 of her creations.

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