Daniel King presents highlights from Wijk aan Zee 2021

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2/1/2021 – The Tata Steel Tournament 2021 in Wijk aan Zee ended with a dramatic finish. In a nerve-wrecking Armageddon game Jorden van Foreest won the all-Dutch tiebreak against Anish Giri. Daniel King takes a look at this tie-break and other highlights from the last rounds of the Wijk aan Zee Tournament 2021.

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Daniel King is one of the most popular chess commentators and author of a large variety of ChessBase DVDs. During the tournament in Wijk King showed highlights and critical moments from each round on his Powerplay YouTube channel – the videos below highlight the last rounds of this fantastic tournament. 

From the tiebreak between Jorden van Foreest and Anish Giri.

For years, the Najdorf has been considered one of Black's best replies to 1.e4. However, in Wijk the Najdorf suffered a couple of setbacks.

For instance in this game. With his brillant last round win against Nils Grandelius Jorden van Foreest was able to catch up to Anish Giri and to make it to the tiebreak.

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In round 12 Anish Giri played against Alireza Firouzja who had good chances to win the tournament. A complicated French Defense led to an ending, in which Firouzja's extra knight had to fight against four dangerous looking white pawns. However, somehow the world's best junior managed to draw this endgame.

In round 11 Firouzja and Fabiano Caruana played a razor-sharp Italian game. Caruana first missed a good chance, and later Firouzja might have been winning. But...

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In round 10 Caruana employed an entirely new concept for Black in the Main Line of the King's Indian. Caruana's unorthodox approach led to a smooth and convincing win.


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