Superbet Classic: Aronian beats Deac

by ChessBase
6/13/2021 – Shakhriyar Mamedyarov kept his 1-point lead going into the last round of the Superbet Chess Classic, as in the only decisive game of Sunday’s round Levon Aronian got the better of Bogdan-Daniel Deac. Mamedyarov signed a quick draw in his game against Anish Giri, while Alexander Grischuk vs Fabiano Caruana was an exciting encounter in which both players missed chances. | Games and results | Photo: Bryan Adams

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Round 8: Aronian’s second win in a row

The tournament is a 10-player single round robin with a time control of 90 minutes for 40 moves and 30 minutes for the rest of the game plus 30-second increments from move 1.

Games will be played daily on June 5-14, except on Thursday, June 10 which will be a rest day. The action kicks off at 14.00 CEST (12.00 UTC, 08.00 ET).

Results from round 8 (June 13)


Current standings


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You can watch and replay the games below.

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Minnesota Fats Minnesota Fats 6/13/2021 09:09
@retspan you invented the wheel man with introducing this Fighting Chess Index here...can you please pass this solution to these organisers of the chess tournaments!
Great solution and to get off this ELO thing. God Heavens!
retspan retspan 6/12/2021 12:45
There's a new statistic/metric that super tournament organizers can use to determine who to invite in their tournament. It's called the Fighting Chess Index ( It's supposed to be a "composite, weighted measure of the combativeness of top chess players."

Perhaps organizers can allot 50% of the invites based on ELO, then another 30% to 2700+ players based on FCI, and finally 20% to 2600+ players based on FCI.

The article shows that of players in the top 100 ELO, the top 5 in FCI includes names like Kovalenko, Melkumyan, and Sjugirov. I am unfamiliar with those names so it would be interesting to see those players in one of the super tournaments this year.
Minnesota Fats Minnesota Fats 6/11/2021 09:04
@Serse i agree ; Mbappe, Umtiti, Kanté and Benzema seem to be more in shape than top chess player MVL
Minnesota Fats Minnesota Fats 6/11/2021 09:01
@Vidmar i do find it crazy that tournaments these days are organised based on ELOS
Why they don't organise tournaments based on champions of each country? instead of always playing the top 15 players against each other for ages?

It would make the tournaments more interesting and allow the sub SuperGM's to reach new hights and prove themeselves.
The ELO Format is somewhat one proves you reached something, but doesn't mean you can beat all 2600+ GM's :)
Vidmar Vidmar 6/10/2021 12:04
A 2600 player is unfathomably strong. They can beat anyone on a given day.
retspan retspan 6/9/2021 10:55
Both Giri and MVL are probably developing an aversion to playing 2600+ players now. Hehe. In the last Tata Steel, Giri lost to Van Foreest in armageddon, and MVL lost to Grandelius. Now they both lost again to 2600+ players. Super tournaments should always include at least a couple of these lower rated players, just to stir things up.
Serse Serse 6/9/2021 09:35
Take it easy guys. In France chess aficionados are complaining about MVL "stupid" loss in his game with one of the romanian guns. And were are worried about his poor physical condition and his apparent daze after the candidates (and his poor chess form over the last year). But life goes on !
Keith Homeyard Keith Homeyard 6/9/2021 12:33
Minnesota Fats:- no top 10 player including the World champion is immune to losses.
Minnesota Fats Minnesota Fats 6/8/2021 10:11
against a top 10 player, Jones?
Michael Jones Michael Jones 6/8/2021 09:56
Both the below seem somewhat overdramatic reactions to him losing one game...
Frits Fritschy Frits Fritschy 6/7/2021 10:15
As far as I know, Giri doesn't drink, but maybe he is slightly distracted by the fact another little Giri is about to arrive...
Minnesota Fats Minnesota Fats 6/7/2021 07:58
I think Giri needs to re-find his motivation , since the moment he lost the Chess Candidates Tournament .

It's normal...holidays season has approached. The evening clock has been lifted in the Netherlands and cheese and beers are again allowed on the terraces...and the sun is radiating it's post Corona energy all around in northern Europe plus the European Football is about to start with a whole nation focusing on balls instead of calculations.