Second European Internet Championship 2004

10/25/2004 – Today we will start the 2nd European Internet championship with the 1st preliminary. The tournament is divided into four preliminaries. The 1st will start today at 8.30 pm (registration: 8.00 pm) in room Tournaments Official B on Blitz (5+0) will be played in nine round swiss. You need a place among the top fifteen in order to make in the candidates on Saturday, 6th November. The prize fund is € 6,000.00. Full details...

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2nd European Internet championship Invitation and Information

Registration for the preliminary:

There is no need to register in advance. Just enter the playing hall in time and type "Join" via chat to the tournament director. As soon as you are put in the tournament you will receive the message "You are in". You may leave the tournament room afterwards if you would like to do so. In this case a new registration is not necessary.

However, it is your obligation to be back at 8.30 pm when the play will commence.

Tournament procedure

All games will start automatically. The same applies for the registration of the results. You have just to concentrate on your games and may have a look on the scoreboard from time to time.


A place among the top fifteen is necessary. If we have more than 200 entries we will add additional places, one for every 15 players above 200. For the candidates tournament a registration is necessary. You may use this link. In the candidates tournament only players who are representing a European federation are eligible to play.

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