Play your club tournament online – and win a prize!

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4/15/2020 – Playing online is fun and playing for a club is fun! And if you play your club tournament at, ChessBase adds prizes! Every club that plays a tournament of at least 64 games on in April wins a ChessBase 15 program, a ChessBase premium annual account and a ChessBase voucher worth €30.

Premium annual subscription + 1 month (payment method: credit card) Premium annual subscription + 1 month (payment method: credit card)

Order the annual ChessBase Premium Membership and save twice! You only pay for ten months Premium and you get a 13th month for free. Payment only by credit card. The subscription is automatically renewed on the expiration date.


Go online with your club

ChessBase is happy if you play online chess. And any club that is an official member of a national federation and plays on in a virtual club room will get a reward from ChessBase – the ChessBase 15 Online Club Package.

The rules in detail:

  • Every chess club officially belonging to a National Chess Federation is eligible to participate.
  • The club has the task to organise an online club tournament between April 15 and April 30th in a virtual club room on If the club has a virtual room on the server under "Clubs and Associations" you can also play there.

How do I create a virtual club room?

How do I organise a tournament?

If you need further help, please contact

In order for the club to receive the ChessBase 15 Online Club Package, a blitz tournament has to be played. One of the following time-controls must be used:

3 + 2, 3 + 3, 4 +, 2, 4 + 3, 5 + 0, 5 + 1, 5 + 2 or 5 + 3.

To get the reward a round-robin with at least 64 games or a Swiss tournament with at least 64 games must be played.

After the end of the tournament, please send the files listed below (and until May 4th, 2020) to

  1. A short report about the tournament and a copy of the tourn file, which is created by the program and saved on the tournament manager's computer.
  2. Plus a cbv-file of the tournament, which must contain at least 64 games (Note: If a player withdraws from the tournament, the forfeited games will not appear in the database)


Each club can win the ChessBase 15 online package only once.

Trying to get the reward is free.

Creating a virtual club room is also free.

The ChessBase account necessary to participate in the blitz tournament can be set up as a free 90-day test access at

The ChessBase 15 - Online Club Package consists of:

  • ChessBase 15 (as a download),
  • A one year ChessBase premium account 
  • A ChessBase online shop voucher worth €30.

ChessBase Account Premium annual subscription

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