Pert's path to winning the British OTB Championship 2021

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10/26/2021 – On 10 October Nick Pert won the British Over-the-Board Championship 2021. In a 50-minute video, he now walks us through the games he played in the Championship, explaining key positions, tactics and why and how he chose the openings he played. A fascinating look into the mind of a modern Grandmaster - including the first game of his career, in which Pert mated his opponent "en passant"!

A Black Repertoire versus the Anti-Sicilians A Black Repertoire versus the Anti-Sicilians

In this video series Pert gives a strong and practical Black repertoire against the Anti-Sicilians such as the Bb5 Sicilian, the Grand Prix Attack, the Alapin and many more, from my years of experience playing the Sicilian.


Pert's path to victory

  • 1:23 - Round 2: N. Pert vs. N. Bradbury
  • 6:44 - Round 3: S. Sucikova vs. N. Pert
  • 11:02 - Round 4: N. Pert vs. F. Gordon
  • 14:54 - Round 5: D. Gormally vs. N. Pert
  • 15:08 - Round 6: N. Pert vs. K. Arkell
  • 24:55 - Round 7: A. Ledger vs. N. Pert
  • 29:48 - Round 8: N. Pert vs. J. McPhillips
  • 39:12 - Round 9: M. Harvey vs. N. Pert

Attacking Repertoire with 1.d4! Vol. 1 - 3

In this detailed “three-part” video series I take a look at a main line White system based on 1.d4. This series is aimed at the ambitious player who is looking to put maximum pressure on their opponent from the start of the game.

A Complete Black Repertoire versus the English, 1...e5

1...e5 against the English is a theoretically sound response with good chances of equality or better in all variations, and in this video series I provide a complete Black repertoire based on this move.

A Sicilian Stunner - The Kalashnikov

This increasingly popular opening is easy to pick up as the Black pieces can usually be developed quickly and smoothly. Many of the ideas are thematic and Black can achieve attacking positions in several of the variations.


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