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12/3/2016 – The most beautiful move of the World Championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin was the last. In the regular games the World Champion was often better but was unable to convert his advantages to a win. But at the tie-break he clearly played better. Again and again he put Karjakin under pressure - on the board and on the clock. After three games he was 2-1 ahead and then he won the last game and the match with a nice queen sacrifice. Newsblog 2016-12-04...

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World Chess Championship Carlsen Karjakin, New York - Newsblog 2016-12-04

Sunday - Magnus Carlsen is asked about the choice of socks after the match

How would you rank this victory?

Sergey, what are your plans and will you come back?

Boy's question: were you nervous during the fourth game?

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16.11: Yasser Seirawan renews his criticism on the format of the World Chess Championship: "A Radical Solution - Redux"

10.41: The World Champion on the cliché of focussing on the process instead of the results:

Saturday, 10.15 - Sometimes you have to call it quits: 

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18.03: So Laurent Fressinet was also in Team Carlsen, as Jon Ludvig Hammer reveals. Fressinet also celebrated his birthday on November 30, whereas Carlsen turned 26, Fressinet now is 35 years. Happy birthday to both.

There is more than chess sometimes:

15.11 / 9.11 am  Closing ceremony part 2:

Magnus Carlsen talks at the closing ceremony:

14.47 / 8.47 am  Closing ceremony part 1:

Sergey Karjakin talks at the closing ceremony:

14.21 / 08.21: Vishy Anand knows how it feels to play for the World Championship and he knows how it feels to play a tie-break for the title. After the match he congratulated both players, Magnus Carlsen...

...and Sergey Karjakin.

14.10 / 8.10 am  Press conference questions

Magnus Carlsen gets asked about his choice of socks:

13.38 / 07.38: On his website "Chess in Tweets" Eric van Reem, who supported Vishy Anand in some World Championship matches, draws attention to a factor that might have helped to decide the match but so far has been often overlooked: the white NBA socks Carlsen sported during the event.

12.40 / 06.40: In the Guardian Stephen Moss, author of the recently published "The Rookie: An Odyssey Through Chess (and Life)", admits that he "was astonished and delighted to see that the liveblog on the world championship was the third-most read item on [the Guardian's] website. For a moment chess – ignored, marginalised, even derided by some – finally had its place in the sun." Moss then muses about the changes the match brought about or might bring about.

11.35 / 5.35: Press conference part 1

Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin's at the press conference after game 4:


Newsblog - 2016-12-01

22.08 / 16.08: This one we can't avoid -


21.37 / 15.37: The Norwegian news portal "News in" reports how Magnus Carlsen, after winning the match, thanked his father Henrik: “Last, but not least, I want to thank my father. He is really the best support I have. He is the best person I know. He always sacrifices his time for me, he’s done that since I began to play. I am eternally grateful. In difficult times you have been there. You mean the world to me. Takk! (Thank you!)”

19.50 / 13.50: Wins and losses

Magnus Carlsen defended his title but the 6-6 result in the classical games of the match cost him 13 rating points. With a rating of 2840 Carlsen is still the world's number one in the Fide rating list of December 1, but he now is "only" 17 points ahead of Fabiano Caruana, the current number two in the world.

Karjakin, of course, won 13 points and with a rating of 2785 he now is number six in the world.

However, the Carlsen's 3-1 victory in the tie-break helped the World Champion to a rapid rating of 2906 and makes him the first human to reach a rapid rating of 2900.

18.55 Hamburg time / 12.55 New York: According to the Norwegian Chess Federation, on average almost 800.000, that’s 1/5 out of every Norwegian, followed the entire four hours  of the tie-break on TV. During the longest game of the match that ended when it was 3 a.m. in the morning in Norway, 150.000 people in Norway followed the NRK broadcast. Most Norwegians will definitely be happy that Carlsen won the match and they will probably be happy to get more sleep now.


13.11 / 7.11 am: Daniel King examines the tie-break games on


11.00 / 5.00 am: The Queen of New York is amused:

10.25 Hamburg / 04.25 New York: Daniel King takes a look at the tie-break and analyzes highlights.

07.30 Mumbai/ 03.00 Hamburg/ 21.00 New York: IM Sagar Shah brings you detailed coverage of the rapid tiebreaks with game analysis, key positions and pictures in his article entitled "All Hail King Magnus" on the ChessBase India newspage

00.45 / 18.45: With a stunning and brilliant mating combination Magnus Carlsen wins game four of the tie-break - and the match!

Here Carlsen played 50.Qh6+ and Karjakin resigned. After 50...Kxh6 White mates with 51.Rh8# and after 50...gxh6 White mates with 51.Rxf7#

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