Wesley So: How Carlsen tried to spice up game 11

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11/27/2016 – Game 11, 5.5-.5.5: Last regular White for Karjakin. What happened? After 1.e4 Carlsen avoided the Berlin and went for a classical system. He later tried to generate some threats, and Karjakin wasn't too impressed by his own play, as he later told after the game. Wesley So shares his perspective in our Newsblog 2016-11-27...

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World Chess Championship Carlsen Karjakin, New York - Newsblog 2016-11-27

Game No 11 - Notes by Wesley So


Poll: Who will win the match? And will there be a tie-break?


16.10 Hamburg / 10.10 New York: What we all would like to know: "Who is the favorite to win this thing?"

16.02 Hamburg / 10.02 New York: "What's your main reply after 1.e4 besides e5?" And, ahem..., any novelties prepared?

12.58 Hamburg / 6.58 am New York: Press conference snippets part 1 - analysis

12.58 Hamburg / 6.58 am New York: Press conference snippets part 2 - questions

11.29 Hamburg / 5.29 am New York: Yannick Pelletier did a round up show on game 11 on playchess.com. Watch it here.

11.20 / 5.20 am: Some remarkable pictures by Max Avdeev:

Sergey Karajakin being scrutinized - picture by Max Avdeev

Sergey Karjakin being scrutinized

Last glance before the game - by Max Avdeev

Last glance before the game

Magnus Carlsen arrivig backstage - by Max Avdeev

Magnus Carlsen arriving backstage

Last regular White for Sergey Karjakin - by Max Avdeev

Last regular White for Sergey Karjakin 

A Ruy Lopez unfolds - by Max Avdeev

A Ruy Lopez unfolds 

12.15 Mumbai / 7.45 Hamburg / 1.47 New York: Peter Svidler has experienced this variation in depth in his own games. ChessBase India reports on the eleventh game with key positions and analysis by 12-year-old prodigy Nihal Sarin: A Tale of Two Pawn Structures.

23.24 / 17.24: Draw - after 34 moves game 11 ended in a draw by perpetual check. With one game to go the score is 5.5-5.5.

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