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5/30/1900 – Many new products are waiting for you in the ChessBase Shop! Including the Komodo Chess 12 engine, new Fritz Trainer DVDs by Yannick Pelletier and Daniel King, as well as Opening Encyclopedia 2018. Strike while the iron is hot — you have just hours left! It’s your move now!

Opening Encyclopedia 2018 Opening Encyclopedia 2018

The Opening Encyclopaedia 2018 features complete coverage of all opening areas on a single DVD and constitutes the best possible introduction to opening training.


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NEW! Komodo 12

Komodo is on fire! The new version of the multiple world champion program is not only stronger than ever.

Komodo 12 cover

The additional "Monte Carlo" version of Komodo 12 relies on analysis technology inspired by the "AlphaZero” AI project. Komodo 12 is both a top program and an exciting analysis partner certain to surprise you with suggestions and bring you interesting ideas!

The package also includes the current Fritz 16 program interface and Premium membership (6 months) for the ChessBase Account, including access to playchess.comChessBase Videos, the Live Database, and much more.

"I am deeply moved by the style of Komodo. In my opinion, it's the perfect combination of computer accuracy and human positional understanding. I get the feeling it's taken positional understanding to the next level" —GM Boris Avrukh

  • New Komodo 12 multiprocessor engine
  • New Komodo 12 “Monte Carlo” engine
  • The latest Fritz 16 program interface
  • months Premium membership for your ChessBase Account

Instead of €89.90, in the sale just €67.43

NEW! ChessBase Opening Encyclopedia 2018

Opening Encyclopedia

Chess is about victory or defeat from the very first move. And sometimes the outcome is certain from as early as the opening.

Make sure you're always a few moves ahead of your opponent! The new ChessBase Opening Encyclopedia 2018 is a first-class tool to close gaps in your repertoire and to augment your own arsenal with new ideas, traps and variations!

The reference work for every opening:

  • Over 6.3 million games, more than 85,500 of them annotated
  • 1,073 special theoretical articles and 6,450 opening overviews Current "Trend Articles" on the King’s Indian Attack, Winawer French, Bogo Indian and King’s Indian with 6.h3
  • Large opening book covering all the games provides a quick overview and accurate statistical evaluation

Instead of €99.90, in the sale just €74.93
Update ChessBase from ChessBase Opening Encyclopedia 2017 for just €59.90 €44.93

NEW! Yannick Pelletier: A Classical Guide to the French

Pelletier DVD cover

Swiss Grand Master Yannick Pelletier is an expert in the French Defence. He is a lover of the typical ideas, plans and structures found above all in the classical variations.

No wonder, then, that his new DVD offers you a repertoire based on tried and tested lines that have been played for decades.

In the interactive format, he guides you through master games in which the ideas of the opening come to fruition. And in the decisive positions, it's your move: Find the best move and enter it on the board. Was your move correct? Find out immediately in the Grandmaster’s video feedback!

Instead of €29.90, in the sale just €22.43

NEW! Lawrence Trent: The Amazing Albin Counter Gambit

Trent DVD coverThe Albin Counter Gambit (1.d4 d5 2.c4 e5!?) is popular with grandmasters and amateurs alike. About 15 years ago, this exceptionally aggressive system experienced a renaissance when GM Morozevich revived the opening with a series of new ideas and good results.

IM Lawrence Trent has examined the various White strategies that have since been developed against Morozevich's structure and found improvements for Black.

His conclusion: the opening is not only perfectly healthy, it is also White who has to be very careful not to come out of the opening worse!

Read the review.

Instead of €29.90, in the sale just €22.43

ChessBase 14 Mega package

CB 14

Train like Carlsen, Caruana and other top players! In the latest version of ChessBase, ChessBase 14, there are a lot of improvements that make move input and analysis easier and make creating training material or training itself far more convenient.

"Assisted Analysis” helps when entering a game, a colour-coded evaluation is displayed on the board for all the possible moves of the piece just by clicking on it. "Tactical Analysis" annotates games or entire databases automatically, adding comments, variations and diagrams and much more.

  • ChessBase 14
  • Mega Database 2018
  • one-year Premium membership for your ChessBase Account plus...
  • a year’s subscription to ChessBase Magazine.

There's a wealth of information available about ChessBase 14.

Instead of €279.90, in the sale just €209.93

NEW: Fritz Endgame Turbo 5

Endgame Turbo coverEndgame Turbo 5 is the first ChessBase product ever to be supplied on a USB stick. The new Turbo offers perfect evaluations for all five-piece and all important six-piece endgames. This provides an enormous performance jump for your engines when it comes to endgames. The endgame databases are 128 GB (on one USB stick) - this corresponds to 27 DVDs!

Get Endgame Turbo 5 and transform your chess program into an endgame genius! Simply connect the USB stick to your computer. No installation required. Super fast access to USB 3.0!

Learn all about Endgame Turbo and the history of tablebases!

Instead of €179.90, in the sale just €134.93

Fritz 16 — He just wants to play

Fritz 16Tense games and even well-fought victories await you with the “Easy play” and “Assisted analysis” modes. Another fun feature in addition to the display of your Elo performance rating are the emoticons which show Fritz’s mood during the game.

Fritz 16 is rounded off with a simplified and improved program interface that is linked with the ChessBase Online Apps, new calculation training for improving your variation vision, new realistic pool ratings on and much, much more!

Learn about the new features.

We've also published numerous tutorials to help get the most out of Fritz 16. 

Instead of €69.90, in the sale just €52.43

Mega Database 2018

Mega 2018The "Mega" is the reference work for every ambitious chess player. The database contains the complete history of chess, with 7.1 million games from 1500 to 2017, edited to a very high standard and featuring a great deal of master analysis, all complete with a definitive classification.

Use the Mega Database 2018 for perfect preparation and make the mother of all databases the key to your success!

We've published a number of stories on using Mega for research and training.

Instead of €159.90 only €119.93
Update from Mega Database 2017 for just €59.90 €44.93

Premium membership for your ChessBase account

Enjoy the highlights of the year move by move! As a premium member follow you also have access to all new ChessBase Web Apps: the video portal, the live database with more than 8 million games, the tactics server with more than 50,000 exercises, and much more!

All articles about the ChessBase account replete with useful tips and tricks!

Instead of €49.90 only €37.43

More Fritz Trainer recommendations

When we say "everything" we mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

NEW! Daniel King: Powerplay 26 — Checkmate Challenge

King DVD coverEssential knowledge! There are many ways to checkmate your opponent’s king However, certain patterns occur over and over again. You should know these patterns in your sleep if you want to round off your games with a successful mating attack!

The DVD contains 100 exercises arranged in ten groups of ten according to difficulty. The exercises start with relatively simple positions for beginners and progress on to true masterpieces. Learn the art of checkmating interactively and step-by-step with the most popular chess trainer and presenter around!

Instead of €29.90, in the sale just €22.43

NEW! A lifetime repertoire: play the Nimzo Indian!

Kasimdzhanov DVD coverRustam Kasimdzhanov is one of the premier opening theoreticians in the world today. The Nimzo-Indian Defence (1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4) is one of the great classics you can play successfully throughout your life.

In addition, the Nimzo is such a deep and lively opening that there is always something new and exciting to discover. That's exactly what you can expect on this DVD! In his repertoire, Kasimdzhanov recommends variations where the white-squared bishop is developed to b7.

An extremely competent and eloquent author, Kasimdzhanov knows how to present the variations and plans of top players in such a way that they are also easily comprehensible for amateurs.

Instead of €29.90, in the sale just €22.43

NEW! Robert Ris: Calculation Training

Ris DVD coverNowadays, many players learn opening variations with engines and neglect the practical side of the game. This DVD shows you why it is so important to train your variation calculation skills - and how to do it the right way! Dutch IM Robert Ris has compiled training material for you to use when working with students with Elo ratings between 1400 to 2400. A wide range, but Ris is sure that this material is suitable for players of different skill levels. After all, any chess player can benefit from improving his or her calculation skills with structured training!

Read the review, with tips on how to improve your calculation!

Instead of €29.90, in the sale just €22.43

NEW! Viktor Bologan: The Popular Italian

Bologan DVDThe Italian game is played up and down boards at all the top tournaments today. And indeed: it seems to be much more difficult for Black to handle than, for example, the Marshall Gambit or the Berlin Defense in the Ruy Lopez. But the focus of the battle has shifted from the opening to the middlegame, meaning that a completely different type of opening preparation is required. And this is exactly what Victor Bologan offers you on his DVD!

Let the grandmaster from Moldova explain the multi-layered positional ideas to you — look forward to many a rich game with Italian!

Instead of €29.90, in the sale just €22.43

Andrew Martin: The surprising Sicilian — Shock your opponent with an early ...Qb6

Martin DVD coverIn the modern game, a player has to be ready to play almost any opening variation at short notice. The plan is to interrupt the preparation of the opponent at every turn. A knowledge of dynamic and slightly unusual lines could well score many, many points for the resourceful player.

The Kveinys Variation: 1 e4 c5 2 Nf3 e6 3 d4 cxd4 4 Nxd4 Qb6! is surprisingly little-played, yet gives Black excellent chances and on this new ChessBase DVD, Andrew Martin explains how the system works.

Read the CHESS Magazine review.

Instead of €29.90, in the sale just €22.43

Wesley So: My Black Secrets in the Modern Italian

So DVD coverLet a world-class player present the secrets of the Italian game to you! In an interview with IM Oliver Reeh, Wesley So reveals his personal preferences when playing Black and answers a number of fundamental strategic questions, e.g:

  • Should a6 to enable ...Ba7, or ...a5
  • How to should I counter the White plan with Bg5
  • When does an early ...Ng4 together with ...f5 work and when doesn’t it
  • ...and much more!

Plans, tricks and finesses in the Italian game, explained by one of the best players in the world – get world-class training on your computer!

Instead of €34.90, in the sale just €26.18

Wesley So: My Secret Weapon: 1.b3

Let Wesley So show you how to score points with 1.b3! Here, move order changes often result in openings such as the Queen’s or Nimzo Indian with a move to spare, meaning White has a valuable extra tempo.

In addition to the diverse repertoire suggestions, the DVD offers insights into the very personal evaluation criteria of a top grandmaster. For example, you learn that the bishop pair is his favourite piece duo, as well as doubled pawns for his opponent (e.g. after Bb2 x Nf6!). Expand your horizons with GM Wesley So and 1.b3!

Read the review.

Instead of €34.90, in the sale just €26.18

Adrian Mikhalchishin: Pieces, Pawns and Squares

Mastering chess technique is, to a great extent, shown in how you use your pieces, that is to say, knowing when they can be used to the maximum possible extent to implement the right plans and goals. However, correct piece handling is known to be even more demanding than pawn play - and of course, sometimes pieces depend on pawns, such as when it comes to taking control of a particular square. But what do you do when you have gained control of just such a square? How do you take advantage of this new outpost or stronghold? On his new DVD, top trainer Adrian Mikhalchishin will teach you this and much more!

Instead of €29.90, in the sale just €22.43

The top-selling Fritztrainer DVDs

Simon Williams: The London System with 2.Bf4

Do you like clear-cut attacking chess? Then you should look forward to this new DVD by Simon Williams. The Grandmaster from England will show you all the important ideas and tricks you need to get promising positions with White after 1.d4! "I'm going to show you some fascinating possibilities where you can get a great attack in a very lazy way."

Instead of €29.90, in the sale just €22.43

Daniel King: Attack package

Attack and win!

These are probably the most enjoyable parts of chess. Learn everything you need to know about the art of attack from Daniel King: mating patterns, attacking the enemy king, pawn storms, the art of attacking tactics and much more!

You’ll be well prepared for any adventure with this package, which includes Powerplay DVDs 1, 2, 3, 13, 14 and 20!

Instead of €139.90, in the sale just €104.93

Karsten Mueller: Endgames — The complete series, Volumes 1-14

Karsten Mueller’s DVD series is a classic of modern endgame theory. Here you find everything, from the basics in volume 1, to rook, major piece and asymmetrical endgames up to the "Golden Endgame Rules" in volume 14.

Instead of €299 only €224.25


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