Judit Polgar and Garry Kasparov talk about "The Queen's Gambit"

by ChessBase
11/18/2020 – The well-known US journalist Christiane Amanpour invited Garry Kasparov and Judit Polgar for an online talk on CNN and spoke to the two chess legends about the success of the Netflix series "The Queen's Gambit", women in chess, and their encounters at the board.

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In her prime, Judit Polgar was among the top ten in the world, and she was the first and so far only woman to achieve this. She was invited to top tournaments and played on an equal footing with the best men in the chess world.

In the course of their careers Judit Polgar and Garry Kasparov played seven classical games against each other, the first at the tournament in Linares in 1994, the last in 2001, but also in Linares. The overall score was clearly in favour of Kasparov: he won five games, two ended in a draw.

Kasparov and Judit Polgar also met in a couple of blitz- and rapid tournaments, and here Kasparov also dominated.

But at a rapid tournamemnt in Moscow 2002 Judit Polgar managed to win against Kasparov, and with this win she helped the team of the world's best players to win against the Russian squad.


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The video at CNN...


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MrPickl3 MrPickl3 11/21/2020 02:42
Judit looking as hott as ever.
sshivaji sshivaji 11/20/2020 01:41
Good video, but something feels odd on the CNN site, where all they show is this video without any other explanation. I would have expected a 2-page article transcribing the text at least.
ramirad ramirad 11/19/2020 03:42
Just wonderful! Two brilliant legends!
bebgsurg bebgsurg 11/19/2020 01:59
Enjoyed the show, very nice cinematography, acting and interesting plot with the riffs on Fischer chess history. Later I reflected on how the typical disgusting Hollywood biases infiltrated the story. To wit : Only straight married men presented in the show were monsters. Other straight males were nerdy and unattractive (Harry) or egotistic and let the heroine down at a crucial point (Benny). Christianity gets several gratuitous slaps in the face during the series. Russian collusion was whitewashed, the more serious charge of making easy draws with each other was ignored. Their ace in the hole here was presented as their cooperation with each other (communism better than freedom and competition). Black friend was wonderful person in part because the wanted to be a "radical". So in many ways the plot tilted to the typical hollywood leftist cant
brelenat brelenat 11/19/2020 03:58
Best woman and best man of chess history.
hurwitz hurwitz 11/18/2020 09:45
I really enjoyed the way Judit still does a bit of trash-talking and was teasing Garry!