Goldmoney Asian Rapid Finals - Aronian first, Carlsen third

by ChessBase
7/4/2021 – Levon Aronian had a short day at the office, as he scored back-to-back wins against Vladislav Artemiev to secure first place at the Goldmoney Asian Rapid tournament. Meanwhile, Ding Liren bounced back from his loss in the first set by remarkably beating Magnus Carlsen 3-0 in the second mini-match. However, it was the world champion who prevailed in the blitz tiebreakers to take third place. | Full report to follow shortly.

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Finals - Day 2

The Goldmoney Asian Rapid is the seventh leg of the Meltwater Champions Chess and is being played from June 26 until July 4. Vladislav Artemiev and Levon Aronian meet in the finals after knocking out rating favourites Ding Liren and Magnus Carlsen respectively. 

In the knockout stage, each encounter will be decided over two days. On day, 1 there will be four rapid games, and if the match ends 2-2 it will simply be a draw. On day 2, another 4-game match will be held. If both matches are drawn, or the players have traded wins, then shortly after the second match there will be a playoff: two blitz games followed, if needed, by Armageddon.

The tournament features a $100,000 prize fund, with $30,000 for first place. The time control is 15 minutes for all moves, with a 10-second increment from move 1. No draw offers are allowed before move 40.

Tour points and prize money

Goldmoney Asian Rapid Chess 2021

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Live games and commentary


Replay all the games with machine commentary at the ChessBase Live Replay Page

Commentary by Daniel King and Tania Sachdev

Final standings - Preliminaries

Rk. Name Pts.  TB1 
1 Aronian Levon 10,5 0,0
2 Artemiev Vladislav 10,0 0,0
3 Ding Liren 9,5 0,0
4 Carlsen Magnus 9,0 0,5
5 So Wesley 9,0 0,5
6 Duda Jan-Krzysztof 8,0 2,0
7 Giri Anish 8,0 2,0
8 Erigaisi Arjun 8,0 1,5
9 Firouzja Alireza 8,0 0,5
10 Vidit Santosh Gujrathi 7,0 0,0
11 Svidler Peter 6,5 0,5
12 Gukesh D 6,5 0,5
13 Dubov Daniil 6,0 0,0
14 Salem A.R. Saleh 5,5 0,0
15 Adhiban B. 5,0 0,0
16 Hou Yifan 3,5 0,0


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lajosarpad lajosarpad 7/5/2021 05:25
@Keith Homeyard if I eat a meal at the world's best restaurant for lunch at one day and on the next I eat some fast food in a not-so-high-quality restaurant, then I will compare the fast food with the world's best meal I have eaten the other day and not with my own cooking.
Keith Homeyard Keith Homeyard 7/4/2021 11:02
@lajosarpad Whilst I understand your comment about low-quality rapid games, they are still much better than I and maybe yourself would play with a longer time limit. That is enough for me to enjoy watching and admiring their play.
lajosarpad lajosarpad 7/4/2021 12:27
@fgkdjlkag then I would stop following chess. Even these low-quality rapid games are not to my liking

@saturn23 For me, losses by a world champion are forgivable. What I would not forgive Carlsen is his contribution to raising the status of online tournaments. That deteriorated chess in general and his play in particular. I hope Nepomniachtchi will wash the floor with him.
fgkdjlkag fgkdjlkag 7/4/2021 12:46
@saturn23, not logical to consider Carlsen's performances against Karjakin and Caruana in the WC matches in classical chess. That is the nature of classical chess today - there will never be dominant performances by anyone again because of the high percentage of draws due to opening preparation/memorization. Switch to something like 960 and it's likely that players will be able to distinguish themselves again. That would be a fairer comparison to the previous times of classical chess.

Yifan's performance doesn't mean much; she is doing other things full-time. But with 960, players like Yifan, McShane, etc, would be able to compete more successfully with the best while not being disadvantaged by not having 6 hours/day for memorisation.
saturn23 saturn23 7/3/2021 10:24
Leavenfish For most people "the greatest" doesn't mean "the strongest". The greatness of a player is judged by how many tournaments and matches they won and how much dominant they were relative to their peers. Chess probably advanced more than any other sports, due to computers. Morphy, Lasker, Capablanca were weak compared with modern players but most people agree that they are great players.
Leavenfish Leavenfish 7/3/2021 06:16
Agreed with WillScarlett 100%...with the exception of the comment about saturn23. Saturn 23 is comparing apples and oranges a bit: Magnus has plays SO MUCH MORE chess in the past few years against the very top than ANY of the 3 he mentioned. It is also a bit of the Babe Ruth analogy where, yes Babe was far and away better than the baseball players of his time when. the players are SO MUCH BETTER. In a way, that makes Magnus' accomplishments stand out even more.
WillScarlett WillScarlett 7/3/2021 03:48
Two desultory thoughts: (1) saturn23's posting is fact-based and cogent, and is therefore persuasive.
(2) It's a bit of a puzzle whether Tania Sachdev's attractive face, luscious hair, and chess expertise offsets
her practically non-stop, slightly shrill chatter box commentary. I was relieved to see - and hear- Daniel
King's commentary during Tania's occasionally pauses for oxygen. His analytical comments are always
good, and , in this instance, were also an auditory balm.
ulyssesganesh ulyssesganesh 7/3/2021 05:50
great come backs by Levon and Vladislav .... one remember Djokovich's come back in the recent French Open.
saturn23 saturn23 7/2/2021 10:39
I don't see Carlsen as a strong contender for top 3 greatest players ever anymore. Until about 2015-2016 he was dominant and he looked invincible in matches. But in the last few years he showed some weaknesses. He was not able to beat Karjakin and Caruana in the WC matches in classical chess. Additionally, he lost matches and tie-breaks (mostly rapid) against quite a few players: So (three times I think; once in chess960), MVL (twice), Ding (a tie-break match), Aronian, Nakamura, Dubov, Nepomniachtchi and even Alireza (banter blitz). He is still the best player in the world but over the last few years, when he was supposed to be at his peak, he was not as dominant as Fischer, Karpov and Kasparov.
fixpont fixpont 7/2/2021 08:55
@Theochessman: haha be prepared for an article written by an american sociologist "doctor" about women oppression something something... patriarchy something something... gender inequality something something... :-)
KrushonIrina KrushonIrina 7/2/2021 07:22
Lev and Vlad!

Bet you didn't see THAT coming . . .
ulyssesganesh ulyssesganesh 7/1/2021 05:31
Great comebacks by Arjun and Wesely, though they ended up as losers !

while Levon won the match, Arjun, the hearts!!
Rambus Rambus 6/30/2021 01:50
Ding, So & Ergaisi are Asian, and Giri is half, so it's 3.5/8 Asians in knockout stage!
ulyssesganesh ulyssesganesh 6/29/2021 04:58
why this confusion .... in the "live games connect"? unrelated games/names figure!?
Theochessman Theochessman 6/28/2021 08:59
Poor Hou Yifan in last place :/
issam issam 6/28/2021 07:14
Only 2 out of 8 ASIAN players qualified for the knockout stage of the ASIAN rapid 2021.
ulyssesganesh ulyssesganesh 6/28/2021 07:08
couldn't understand the final move of Salem A. against Firou...
ulyssesganesh ulyssesganesh 6/28/2021 07:07
heartening to find the young Erigaisi in the quarterfinals .....
basler88 basler88 6/27/2021 07:47
Whats wrong with the flags????
ulyssesganesh ulyssesganesh 6/27/2021 07:03
Hope Arjun Erigaisi qualifying for the quarterfinals... he is really playing well
Lucek7 Lucek7 6/27/2021 10:25
The photos and countries are usually (but there is no strict rule in this error...) shifted by 1. "Vladislav, A" should be: Artemiev, V.
karavamudan karavamudan 6/27/2021 07:53
When did Duda become Indian citizen and Vidit emigrate to Russia? Mistakes, Mistakes? What is life without them?
ChrisHolmes ChrisHolmes 6/26/2021 10:39
Mangus Carlsen ? Who's he ?
Theochessman Theochessman 6/26/2021 10:02
"Carlsen" from USA looks pretty Asian. There's a serious bug in the standings.
Keith Homeyard Keith Homeyard 6/26/2021 04:35
Good to see Yiffy dipping her toes in the tournament pool again. :)