Gelfand: 'Nobody's invincible, nobody's immune to mistakes'

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4/9/2012 – The next World Championship match is just a month away, and the players, World Champion Vishy Anand and Challenger Boris Gelfand are winding down their preparations. The latter, who lives in Israel, took time to speak to the press and assess his chances in the match. Gelfand also gives players some general advice on the use of computers. Video interview.

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Press conference with Boris Gelfand

The World Chess Championship 2012 between defending World Champion Viswanathan Anand and the challenger from the Candidates Matches Boris Gelfand, will take place in May 2012 in Moscow, Russia. the following video is from a press conference with Boris Gelfand took place at the Chess Academy, Tel-Aviv on April 8th, 2012. It was filmed and edited by Aleksander Nesterovsky, who sent us transcriptions of the Hebrew sections.

"Boris, we all hope that you will be a new World Chess Champion!" Aleksander writes in his Youtube channel.

Reporter question: Do you feel that this is the peak of your career?

  • Boris Gelfand: We will see, but for sure the world Chess Championship match is most important event that exist. And I am very glad that I have posibility to play the match, and right now I am very seriously preparing for it. Sure, that's important to me, that in May I will succeed in playing the chess that I know.

  • Ilia Smirin: In reality I think he has good chances. His big motivation is very important. From the point of view of pure chess Anand has a very small advantage, but from the point of view of charecter and motivation I prefer Gelfand.

In the English section of the interview Boris says:

  • [Anand's] speed of thinking and chess qualities are incredibly high. But nobody is invincible, nobody is immune to mistakes. I will play my best chess and force him to make mistakes – that is what I hope.

  • Now-a-days if you want to be at the top you have to be good at everything.

  • With a player like Carlsen you can see that he is less influenced by computers than other players who are less successful. I think it is one of the advantages of our generation – one of the reasons our generation is still doing well – is that we learnt to play on a good basis, and then learnt how to use computers in our favour, while a lot of young players only know how to use computers and don't have a good basis. Instead of thinking they are used to press a button and see what the computer says. So like any invention it can be used in a good or a bad way. One of the secrets of success now-a-days it to use computers in your favour and not let computers rule your thinking ability.

Starting from 2:23 min the video reverts to Hebrew and Gelfand says:

  • This match will be one of the greatest in history, in Museum with and audience, with people of art, with best players. I hope it will give me a good motivation. Anand is great playern, he has been World Champion and a top player for many years, and has won many tournaments. But I know him well. I have played him many times – from 1989 onwards we played more than 30 game of clasic chess, and about 100 if you include rapid, blindfold, blitz. I hope that I can find his weak spot, and will success in playing the best chess I know.


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27.03.2012 – In one month and 13 days the opening ceremony of the World Chess Championship match between Viswanathan Anand and his challenger Boris Gelfand will be opened, in the world famous Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. The event now has its official web site, where you can find out all about the players, the venue, sponsors, rules and the schedule. Take a look.
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