Belgrade Grand Prix Final - Games and results

by ChessBase
3/13/2022 – The last two spots in the upcoming Candidates Tournament will be decided in the FIDE Grand Prix Series, with the second leg of the series taking place in Belgrade on March 1-14. The new format consists of four-player double round-robins and a knockout stage. Follow the games live with expert commentary starting at 15.00 CET (09.00 ET, 19.30 IST)!

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Final - Game 2

The FIDE Grand Prix, organized by World Chess, is a 3-event series that features 24 players, each of whom competes in two out of three tournaments.

Each 16-player event consists of a group stage followed by a knockout semifinal and final. At the group stage, the participants compete in four double round-robin tournaments, with only the winners of each pool advancing. Both semifinals and the final consist of two classical games, plus tiebreaks if needed.


  • March 1-7 - Group stage (with a rest day on Saturday, March 5)
  • March 8 - Group stage tiebreaks
  • March 9-11 - Semifinals
  • March 12-14 - Final

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arzi arzi 3/14/2022 12:30
Well done, Rapport. New member of challengers in WC.
lajosarpad lajosarpad 3/14/2022 11:26
Congratulations, Rapport!
lajosarpad lajosarpad 3/13/2022 11:24
@Tauno "Nobody has said Karjakin is killing civilians in Ukraine."

Unfortunately you are wrong about this. Please reread my exchange with Aighearach here. Aighearach told us that Karjakin is a war criminal. I explained him that war crimes are actions, not words. Karjakin is supporting this terrible war indeed and I find that disgusting, but he did not commit war crimes. I have asked Aighearach to clarify what the exact war crimes committed by Karjakin were. Aighearach's answer was:

"What war crimes? What a stupid question. You can't figure out murdering civilians is a war crime?"

So, I have asked Aighearach about the war crimes Karjakin committed. And his/her answer was that murdering civilians is a war crime. It very much seems that Aighearach claimed that Kajrakin killed civilians.

You said that Karjakin supports killing innocents indirectly, by supporting Putin. I would not go that far. I believe that the killing of civilians is something even Karjakin believes to be terrible. His support for Putin and the Russian separatists clouds his judgement and supports this terrible war because of that. He might be unaware that civilians are being killed, because the Russian propaganda does not show that. Even if we assume that Karjakin knows that civilians are being killed, I doubt that he would support the killing of civilians.

I agree with you that Karjakin's opinion is terrible. But calling him a war criminal for his opinion implies that he could be imprisoned or even executed. So, this is a very serious charge. And don't forget, according to Aighearach I'm also a war criminal because I disagree with his/her statement according to which Karjakin is a war criminal. So I should be imprisoned because disagreeing with Aighearach about this, right?
MauvaisFou MauvaisFou 3/13/2022 10:34
Ding having no chance to be in the Candidates is really a shame ... Uninteresting player Radjabov should give him his place (I'm only half-joking).
oxygenes oxygenes 3/12/2022 05:20
Camera obscura. :)
As shows us history, sweden king Charles XII was enthusiastic archeologist too. His hobby lead him into old historical area near Poltava, where he was able excavate precious thing - "Foundation seed of independence of the Finland". Russian archelogists, who were helping him in research, add him for free few kicks into his back part too, to be sweden king was able faster bring his discovery securely into home.
Aighearach Aighearach 3/11/2022 10:51
Only an evil person defends war crimes by slandering those who speak up against them!
German history *should* inspire chessbase to do better. They have a moral responsibility to stand up against your support of hatred.
Aighearach Aighearach 3/11/2022 10:46
Capablanca was lucky for many years, not for a single tournament.
Green22 Green22 3/11/2022 08:56
@Hurinnl I highly doubt he withdraws. That was his feelings then, it'll be a long time before his next defense, plus if he just withdraws and say's i'm all set ya can look for some of his sponsors to do the same. Why use your label when you're bowing out of the WCCM? not a smart move on Magus's part. I'm sure he likes $$$$
Mamack1 Mamack1 3/11/2022 07:33
Ever heard of "the good player is always lucky" Hurinnl?

Capablanca said it, and I think he was a rather better player than you.

And this idea that Carlsen won't defend his title is *massively* over-hyped.
Hurinnl Hurinnl 3/11/2022 06:08
And the lottery continues. Andreikin the most luckiest finalist. Should have lost to Bacrot and Shankland would have qualified, should have lost the first game to Giri. But luck was on his side. Imagine he will enter the Candidates. I think Carlsen will withdraw from a match with the winner.
Totaly unimportant and uninterresting candidates tournament it will be.
arzi arzi 3/11/2022 03:18
to oxygenes, the statue of Tsar Aleksanteri II. We also have a statue of Kustaa II Aadolf, king of Sweden. Kings, Tsars and communists.
arzi arzi 3/11/2022 03:03
oxygenes:"For those, who forget build memorial for sweden king Gustav III in Finland. :)"

Good for you. You have started a new life with a history of Finland. We also have a statue of a Tsar of Russia and a park of Lenin.
oxygenes oxygenes 3/10/2022 06:34
For those, who forget build memorial for sweden king Gustav III in Finland. :)
arzi arzi 3/10/2022 03:18
To Zagliveri_chess, well said, I agree. To stop the hate and other negative feelings now, Russia have to stop the war in Ukraine and retreat behind to Russia`s own borders. No, Crimea and Belarus is not a part of the Russia.

To tauno, I agree, but Karjakin is just a chess player, misguided one. If everyone who talks nonsense were convicted as criminals, then prisons would no longer accommodate real criminals.
tauno tauno 3/10/2022 10:31
Nobody has said Karjakin is killing civilians in Ukraine. He is only supporting it (and other war crimes) done by Russians - albeit indirectly - by supporting Putin.
Or maybe I (with many others) have only misinterpreted everything, who knows, so please, read some of the latest tweets by @SergeyKaryakin on Twitter and build your own conclusion about him.
parselmouth parselmouth 3/10/2022 03:48
As the computer says, 31...Rf8 is good because on Bf3, then you might get Rxf3 and the pawn on h5 is vulnerable. Yeah, those B's are superpowers.
Michael Jones Michael Jones 3/10/2022 01:42
The Giri-Andreikin game goes way beyond my understanding. Can't be very often that two bishops can hold a draw against two rooks, but I guess since White can defend all the pawns, Black has no targets and can't make progress.
Keshava Keshava 3/10/2022 12:51
It's usually good to keep an open mind.
Another perspective can be refreshing!
Vladimir Pozner: How the United States Created Vladimir Putin
Why is Ukraine the West's Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer
Zagliveri_chess Zagliveri_chess 3/9/2022 08:50
My grandfather was shot by an Ottoman sharp shooter in 1909 in a village outside Thessaloniki, Makedonia, Greece. His offense? He did not bow deep enough when he passed by a neighbor Turk days earlier. He died from his wound in agony 3 days later. In another 3 years, the village become part of the emerging Greek state. All Ottomans started leaving and all were gone by 1923, most of them likely unwillingly.

20 years ago, while a graduate student in the US, I had a serious accident. The only person who visited me over a month in the hospital was Selim, a Turk. He even drove 150km one way to get me locums, so he would not come to the hospital empty handed. 5 years ago I took my family to Smyrna and met with his. We were treated like sultans, like brothers. He told me that his grandfather was killed by the bullet of a Greek soldier in 1921. I remembered Selim shaking his head in dismay hearing Erdogan describe his blue motherland that included all of modern day Greece and beyond.

My friends, the location of my village has been part of the Alexandrian (the Great) empire, the Roman, the Byzantine, and the Ottoman. And by other civilizations for shorter periods. There were Greek inhabitants in the region for 3000 years but many other ethnic groups lived there thought the centuries. The village cannot simultaneously belong to all their descendants. We should bury the past and look into the future. Racial and ethnic tensions are cultivated by demagogues, despots, dictators, and tyrants. The result is blood, blood, blood. And hate that last for decades.
arzi arzi 3/8/2022 12:47
To oxygenes, behavior of EU is behavior of people. You don´t see anything but SS-here, SS-there, SS-everywhere. You don´t see any other victims but SS-victims. Your eyes are like reading glasses written full of the letters S. SSSSSSSSSS. Do you see anything else behind those glasses? SSSSSSSS, like a sound of snake. Aren´t you tired of all this hissssssing? I´m shocked of your response, "no more reason answer to you, anymore". Shocked! I feel now so depressed.
oxygenes oxygenes 3/8/2022 12:26
Again you try insert your words into mine. I wrote about behavior of EU, you still continued trolling.
As wrote lajosarpad, there is no more reason answer to you.
arzi arzi 3/8/2022 11:55
To oxygenes, you go ahead, to march for the victims of SS. Troll here, troll there, troll everywhere. Let´s march, all we trolls, for the sake of SS -victims. There are no other victims in the world but SS-victims. SShhhh, not so loud. I support the victims of Stalin, here in Finland. Why don´t you come here to Finland to show which side you support? No?
oxygenes oxygenes 3/8/2022 11:44
As usualy, you again try insert your word into my text, common tactic for trolls.
I just show behavior of EU. If EU do nothing towards these followers of SS, there is no reason trust EU more for russian side.
You are welcome at 16. March in Riga, you can show, which side you support.
arzi arzi 3/8/2022 11:31
Aighearach has got just a bad day. The war is doing that. Too much feelings.
lajosarpad lajosarpad 3/8/2022 11:22
@Aighearagh "You are apparently also a war criminal, spreading propaganda is in defense of war crimes."

Wow. Just, wow. I was very open about the fact that I denounce the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And I denounce Ukraine's oppression of its minorities. I have not supported any criminal act and I have been outspokenly supporting peace. Yet, for some reason you believe that I'm a war criminal. Apparently thought crimes (thoughts that you strongly disagree with) are war crimes. The fact that Russia has started a horrible war will not modify my opinion about how Ukraine has been handling its minorities. And if you want to label me for that, go ahead. I don't care if some snowflakes melt.

"You can't figure out murdering civilians is a war crime?"

Your claim was that Karjakin is a war criminal. My rebuttal was that he did not do acts that could be considered war crimes. Yet, your answer is that murdering civilians is a war crime. Please show me the article according to which Karjakin murdered civilians. Because if you cannot show that Karjakin murdered civilians, then he is innocent in murdering civilians, hence, he did not commit this war crime. As about your question, murdering civilians is indeed a war crime. Yet, I do wonder how exactly did Karjakin murder anyone.

"You are an evil monster, you have no humanity left at all."

From you I take that as a compliment.

"This is not a matter of opinion, this a matter of obvious good and evil, and you are deeply evil, a plague on the chess community, and it tarnishes chessbase that they let you post your hate speech here."

What exactly was the hate speech that I committed? I was speaking up for the rights of minorities in Ukraine. I was speaking up for the right of Ukrainians for self determination. I was speaking up for Russian individuals to not be discriminated against. I was speaking up for peace. I don't see any hate on my part, yet, you displayed evident signs of hating me for my opinion.
Masquer Masquer 3/8/2022 08:56
@aighearach, relax man, the only one exhibiting hate is you because someone is not in total agreement with you.
Jacob woge Jacob woge 3/8/2022 08:20
As tempers flare:

No tie-breaks, and that was one lucky Andreikin. An interesting line-up for the semis.
Aighearach Aighearach 3/8/2022 07:13
"@Aighearach war criminal for what? Thought crimes?"

You are apparently also a war criminal, spreading propaganda is in defense of war crimes. What war crimes? What a stupid question. You can't figure out murdering civilians is a war crime? There is not just one or two war crimes, there are thousands. Civilians are being invited to flee, and then bombed. The INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS reported that their own workers were encouraged to take an evacuation route THAT HAD BEEN MINED!

"Though crimes?" You are an evil monster, you have no humanity left at all. This is not a matter of opinion, this a matter of obvious good and evil, and you are deeply evil, a plague on the chess community, and it tarnishes chessbase that they let you post your hate speech here.
arzi arzi 3/8/2022 06:26
To oxygenes:I´m happy for you. You, as a fierce supporter of Putin, and a great enemy of any SS -groups, want world peace for everybody, unless he/she is a member of Ukraine SS-group. I got your point. Soviet Uni...I mean Russian has promised to take refugees from Ukraine just because Putin is such a nice guy and the war is a terrible thing.
Zdrak Zdrak 3/7/2022 09:58
Wow, the comments from Grischuk. Just wow.
oxygenes oxygenes 3/7/2022 09:03
I hope, that all Chessbase´s readers are against war.
16.-th march is coming and you all can come into Riga, where since 1998 year are organised marches of worshipers of two Latvian Waffen SS divisions. EU do nothing against it, but you, as civic-minded citisens of your countries will have possibility openly express your opinion against war and say Stop! for marches of these followers of war criminals.
arzi arzi 3/7/2022 03:13
To ChessTalk, I´m 99% sure that the most of the Chessbase writers (99%) are against the war. I think also you and me belong to that group.
ChessTalk ChessTalk 3/7/2022 11:24
Thanks, Arzi, I agree. I should never make such an attribution especially in time of war. Post deleted.
arzi arzi 3/7/2022 08:18
To ChessTalk, It is understandable that people living in Russian or the Russians living outside the Russian do not say in public what they really think about the war. There is no point to accuse for example Karpov or Kramnik not to say anything about the war. They have healthy instinct for self-defense. We should focus on the right target, Putin.
Michael Jones Michael Jones 3/6/2022 11:07
Theochessman - 2650 is not quite world elite level but it's still a pretty good rating by most people's standards. Taking it as a sign of serious decline is a bit harsh!
siciliov siciliov 3/6/2022 09:04
@Chessbase: Why you put Wales' flag for GM Tabatabaei, M. Amin? either it's intentional action or else, you need to modify it immediately!!
Theochessman Theochessman 3/6/2022 06:38
What happened to Bacrot!?! He used to be 2750 !!
lajosarpad lajosarpad 3/5/2022 01:45
@ChessTalk I agree with you: Russians who speak out against the war and the imperialism of their president are to be admired. They will go back home afterwards, so there is some risk involved as well.

@Aighearach war criminal for what? Thought crimes? A war criminal is a person, who during a war commits atrocious acts (not words) that harm or kill individuals, ultimately violating humanitarian laws during a conflict. Since as far as I know, Karjakin did not kill or harm anybody, he is not a war criminal. I'm saying that while I strongly disagree with his pro-war stance and I find that reprehensible. Some people have terrible ideas. But having terrible ideas is not a war crime. War crimes are actions.

@Minnesota Fats we had some disagreement on various topics in the past. But I believe that we can agree now that the Russian individuals are not responsible for the actions their president committed. Also, Putin's and the army's actions are being investigated. Maybe the court will reach to the conclusion that war crimes were perpetuated.
Minnesota Fats Minnesota Fats 3/4/2022 09:49
@arzi i deleted my comment, as i thought over it and i felt it one sided thinking...people living under a ruler have no choice...
arzi arzi 3/4/2022 07:23
Aighearach:"as a propagandist and war criminal."

Maybe not a war criminal, but idiot savant will do. Sorry about this, idiot savants. You don`t deserve to call as Karjakin. Sorry.