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7/6/2021 – Let us assume you are a chess amateur, who in pandemic times have become obsessed with improving your game. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of the top ten players in the world coach you? If that is what you want it is of advantage to be a leading stand-up comedian. But even if you are not, you can still profit from this charming little lesson Anish Giri, rated 2776, gave Biswa Kalyan Rath, 1600, on how to best use a bishop pair to win a game. Learn and enjoy.

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Biswa Kalyan Rath is one of India’s most popular stand-up comedians, who has become seriously interested in chess. In Covid lockdown times Biswa is becoming stronger, and has reached a 1600 level of play. He explains it the fascination this way:

If you as an adult and you have spare time, and you’re interested in chess, there is no way to not get addicted! If I had a regular job and had to go to the office every day, then maybe it would be okay. But when I sit at home all day, how can I not play chess?

At his rate of progress he could become an IM at 50, or “I can become the oldest grandmaster in the world 97, if I survive that long”.

Recently Biswa played a game in which he could not figure out how to make the best use of his bishop pair. On a livestream ChessBase India recruited world number 8, Anish Giri, to give him a lesson. It turned into a highly instructive and, at the same time, entertaining session. Watch it if you want to find out how world-class grandmasters evaluate pieces and positions, and how they come up with strategies to achieve their aims.

Following Anish’s lesson will definitely help you to strengthen your understanding of the bishop pair in the endgame.

An additional benefit on the side: you get to know the humorous and effervescent side of this world-class grandmaster. Watch and be enchanted.


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