ChessBase 16 - The new features (Part 4)

by Arne Kaehler
11/13/2020 – ChessBase 16 is already in the starting blocks and will be released on 17th November 2020. Now everyone wants to know: what are the new features in this version? What innovations are on the horizon? And what is the "key to new ideas"? Jeroen Van Den Belt, who has been active for ChessBase since Fritz 7, presents interesting innovations in the video. Part 4 of the five-part series deals with "raytracing", what it means and what it can be used for.

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ChessBase 16 - Part 4


Raytracing was already available with ChessBase 15, and it is an amazingly popular tool for creating pictures or videos of favourite positions, and for watching top players play chess away from the eternally same 2D board. Jeroen Van Den Belt explains what raytracing is, how it works and what else you can do with it in ChessBase 16. 

Some raytracing examples:

In this five-part series, which is shown every day before ChessBase 16 is released, our programmers give us a small insight into the latest functions of our royal product.


Arne Kaehler, a creative thinker who is passionate about board games in general was born in Hamburg and learned how to play chess at a very young age. Through teaching chess to youth teams and creating chess content on YouTube, Arne was able to extend this passion onto others and has even made an online chess course for anyone who wants to learn how to play this game. Currently, Arne blogs for the English news page of ChessBase and focuses on creating promotional and entertaining articles.


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bbrodinsky bbrodinsky 11/16/2020 12:35
I'm greatly looking forward to the new upgrade. 11/15/2020 07:13

Ray-tracing is 'candy'. Chess players do not care about candy as much as they do 'mean and potatoes'.

The main problem with Chessbase (as several people noted) is that the spend their time on the candy...and apparently listen to Super GM's like Fabi...but not the bulk of the people who actually purchase and use Chessbase.
goeland goeland 11/14/2020 09:27
+1 with below. Disappointed. CB should open a forum to get the input of his customer base. Normal business practice nowadays.
shahrad shahrad 11/14/2020 01:40
@Werewolf: Very nice said.
I also thought on a feature which finds your weaknesses. A column for example which shows your centipawn loss per game/opening. Centipawn loss in the opening/middlegame/endgame. Or/And like lichess: centipawn loss by moving different pieces.
Very disappointed that all novelties are concentrating on novelties and openings.
mrstillwater mrstillwater 11/14/2020 11:13
It looks nice but it's so painfully slow it's difficult to understand what the purpose of it is - you clearly couldn't play a game using it. I can't imagine many people are interested in taking screenshots of a chessboard?
rkjulian rkjulian 11/14/2020 04:33
Chessbase is an insanely difficult piece of software to use. How ray-tracing makes it better is beyond me.
Werewolf Werewolf 11/13/2020 07:17
Some new analysis features would be nice. Chessbase is still 10 years behind Aquarium in that regard. That's much more important than pretty 3D boards most people won't use.