ChessBase 16 - The new features (Part 3)

by Arne Kaehler
11/12/2020 – ChessBase 16 is already in the starting blocks and will be released on 17th November 2020. Now everyone wants to know: what are the new features in this version? What innovations are on the horizon? And what is the "key to new ideas"? ChessBase co-founder Matthias Wuellenweber, who has developed all ChessBase versions since 1986 with his team, presents the most interesting innovations in a video. Part 3 of the five-part series (in which ChessBase programmer Jeroen van den Belt is also involved) deals with "Novelty-Mining" and how it is done.

Tactic Toolbox Meran Variation Tactic Toolbox Meran Variation

In interactive format IM Robert Ris offers you a lot of exercises, including hints and advice that help you to know key tactical patterns of this variation to play it with success.


ChessBase 16 - Part 3


Matthias Wuellenweber explains to us what the term Novelty-Mining is all about, why there is a similarity to "Bitcoins", and that even with older computers you can systematically dig for innovations and mine for novelties.

In this five-part series, which is shown every day before ChessBase 16 is released, our programmers give us a small insight into the latest functions of our royal product.


Arne Kaehler, a creative thinker who is passionate about board games in general was born in Hamburg and learned how to play chess at a very young age. Through teaching chess to youth teams and creating chess content on YouTube, Arne was able to extend this passion onto others and has even made an online chess course for anyone who wants to learn how to play this game. Currently, Arne blogs for the English news page of ChessBase and focuses on creating promotional and entertaining articles.


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rooster85 rooster85 11/14/2020 04:40
Agree fully with leavenfish.. on one side the idea to hype up and showcase new features is a great one IMO, but the "cheerleading" needs to be toned down as it's a bit annoying to be honest.. luckily I found this video from Sagar Shah: from about 8 minutes in, he talks about CB16 and also screenshares a document, very useful if you understand german at least a bit :) or just listen to Sagar if you don't. All in all CB16 seems like a buy to me, the new opening features together with folding notation and search booster taking up less space are nice additions. Ray tracing (see part 4 of this) on the other hand... 11/13/2020 02:33
This...'explaining with no examples', leave me cold.

On one side you have a clear 'cheerleader' and on the other, a guy who cannot explain things very well (at least in English) NEED examples.
chessmatt chessmatt 11/12/2020 06:00
The novelty mining seems really interesting - does it only work with the livebook or can you do it with any reference database?