Carsten Hensel and Vladimir Kramnik – no longer a team

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12/22/2008 – "We would like to inform you that we will not extend our contract," says the terse statement put out by the many-year manager of Vladimir Kramnik. Carsten Hensel, who was directly responsible for the organisation of World Championship matches (Kramnik-Leko, Kramnik-Anand) and the computer match Kramnik-Deep Fritz, parts company with his main client on December 31st. Press release.

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Common Press Statement by Vladimir Kramnik and Carsten Hensel

We would like to inform you that we will not extend our contract which is ending on 31 December 2008.

We would like to stress that our decision had already been made some months prior to the 2008 World Chess Championship match in Bonn, Germany. This agreement was not caused by any kind of personal problem between us. Our amicable relationship and mutual respect remains and is in no way affected by this step.

The main reason for the decision was simply that both of us are looking ahead for new challenges and priorities in our professional as well as in our private life.

We would like to confirm that Vladimir Kramnik is still definitely eager to continue his professional chess career. Carsten Hensel will concentrate more intensively on the organization of high level events. He remains the manager of International Grandmaster Peter Leko.

Paris/Dortmund, 22 December 2008

Vladimir Kramnik, Carsten Hensel and Peter Leko

Carsten Hensel, chess promoter and manager

Note that Carsten Hensel now works for Welcome to Universal Event Promotion (UEP), the company that staged the "World Chess Challenge 2006 Kramnik vs. Deep Fritz" and the World Championship Anand vs Kramnik in Bonn this October. Hensel is not yet listed on the contact page of UEP, but we know that he will play an important role in the company in the future.


While we are on the subject – and while the Chirstmas festivities loom – may we remind you that we have a very exciting product by the former World Champion...

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On this DVD Vladimir Kramnik retraces his career from talented schoolboy to World Champion in 2006. With humour and charm he describes his first successes, what it meant to be part of the Russian Gold Medal team at the Olympiad, and how he undertook the Herculean task of beating his former mentor and teacher Garry Kasparov. Kramnik dissects his wins against Leko and Topalov, giving us a vivid impression of the super-dramatic final games of the 2006 match. His commentary is full of useful advice and provides a fascinating insight into the thought processes that govern top level play.

The DVD contains more than six hours of video with narrative and game analysis. There are also five additional segments from an exclusive video interview on the intrigues that surrounded the 2006 world championship, and on the state of the chess world in general.

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