Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz 2019

Live teaserThe annual Rapid & Blitz event of the Grand Chess Tour is a five-day round-robin played between Aug 10th and 14th, with the round-robin rapid event being held in the first three days followed by the double round-robin blitz event in the last two days. The three-week long gala festival at the iconic Saint Louis Chess Club will continue with the Sinquefield Cup from August 17th to 28th, one of the two classical event of the GCT (apart from the Croatian GCT event held in June/July), carrying more tour points than the Rapid & Blitz — 20 for the sole winner, 18 for a tied first place (against 13 / 20 in the faster time controls).

The event carries a total prize fund of USD $150,000 with the winner's prize being $37,500. The rapid event will be played with the time control of 25 minutes per game per player, with a time delay of 10 seconds per move. The blitz event will be played with 5 minutes per player per game, with a time delay of 3 seconds per move.

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