2/10/2010 – Although there are of course beautiful examples of zugzwang in the middlegame, it is much more a motif from endgames, many of which could not be won without zugzwang. Even when there is a clear superiority in material, as for example in the duel between a rook and a bishop, it is often only possible to make progress by employing zugzwang. Here is a typical example. After 68.Kb5 Black could, with the correct continuation, have retained his chances of a draw. What that was and the instructive winning method used by White after 68...Bc5? are things you can find out from Karsten Müller's analysis in  ChessBase Magazine Online.

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Position after 68.Kb5. How can White make progress after 68...Bc5? ?
Analysis Dragun-Leniart...


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