Youth Chess Solving competition (U27)

by Frederic Friedel
4/4/2020 – Are you 27 years old or younger? Then you can take part in a competiton run by "Schwalbe", the German society for problem chess – on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the "German Chess Youth". You get ten (actually very delightful) problems to solve. You mail your answers to the supervisor of the competition, and can win one of many prizes. Comments are welcome. In any case the problems are lots of fun.

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Mode: Five rounds with ten problem solving tasks each = 50 tasks. It is possible to take part in individual rounds only. The rounds start on the 1st of April, May, June, july and August. The closing date for entries is the 30th of each month.

Eligible to participate: anyone who is born after January 1st, 1993. Membership in a chess club is not required.

Procedure: The tasks are published on the homepage of the German Chess Youth, the “Swallow” and on the social media of the German Chess Youth. The tasks are to be submitted within the specified deadline and to be solved alone and without technical assistance. Comments on the tasks solved are welcome. Each round is evaluated and honored separately. In addition, at the end of the tournament, there is an overall rating from all five rounds. The same maximum number of points applies in each of the five rounds!

Submission: Send solutions, always by 30th of the month, to Axel Steinbrink via email:

Prizes: Winner of each of the five rounds:

  • 1st place: 1 subscription to the magazine "Youth Chess"
  • 2nd place: A tactical DVD from ChessBase
  • 3rd place: Book prize from the "Schwalbe"

Overall winner:

1st place: 1 year subscription to the magazine "Die Schwalbe" + anniversary package of the German Chess Youth

2nd place: 1 book prize from the "Schwalbe" + anniversary package of the German Chess Youth

3rd place : 1 jubilee package of the German Chess Youth

If there is a tie, a draw will be made! The winners will be announced and informed after each preliminary round. An additional 50 tactical books from ChessBase will be raffled among all participants! Each anniversary package includes 3 DSJ souvenirs (bag, pen, cup, T-shirt, ...)

Competition problems

You know you can move pieces on the board. Clicking on the lifesaver button will give you a small hint. Nothing substantial, nothing that will reveal the solution.

This is where you can find full information on the competition. Currently the page is in German, but it will soon be available in other languages.

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