Youth Championship in the Black Mountains

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9/15/2005 – The European Youth Chess Championship 2005 has started,with 643 players from 42 different countries, in the town of Herceg Novi, on the coast of Montenegro. It lasts from September 13-24. Our reporter Ali Nihat Yazici was so enchanted by the venue that he is appealing to all our readers: call and come!

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European Youth Chess Championships
Herceg Novi, Serbia and Montenegro
September 13-28th, 2005

By Ali Nihat Yazici

Dear Chessbase readers,

One of the most popular tournaments in the world, the Euro Youth, is being organised by the Serbia & Montenegro Chess Federation, in Herceg Novi, a small tourist town in Montenegro, very close to Croatian border. Montenegro means black mountains. When you fly to here you will understand how this area got its name.

The biggest city of Montenegro is Podgorica. I flew from Istanbul to Belgrade and from Belgrade to Podgorica. During this short flight I saw dark and mysterious mountains, all looking as if they had been painted black. A dark green black...

In Herceg Novi, the mountain part of the name ‘Montenegro’ is correct. The entire coast of Serbia and Montenegro is rimmed with mountains. But in Herceg Novi the black part ‘Negro’ is not correct, because it is all green mountains and blue sea. Nature is so wild, natural and perfect. Everyone should come and see this beauty.

The old town of Herceg-Novi, which has over 200 days of sunshine a year, and an average temperature of 17 Celsius degrees (10 in January, 26 in July). It is know as the "town of sunshine".

The European Youth Chess Championships are being stage in the Hotel Plaza, four stars, very beautiful, shining like a pearl on the coast of Herceg Novi.

A bird's-eye view of the beach

Our hosts are the citizens of the former Yugoslavian countries. One is Boris Kutin, from Slovenia, the captain of ECU boat! The President of ECU has had some very big successes with his team, in seven short years.

Testing the waters: Boris Kutin

In Europe, chess is going up progressively. We wish the same for world chess. Of course this future needs a good leader like Mr.Kutin...

ECU President Boris Kutin steering the boat in Herceg Novi

After a ten-minute boat cruise we arrive to the house of Goran Mirjacic. Goran is a real fan of chess, heavily addicted to the game! He has a nice beach house on Herceg Novi and great hospitality.

The view from Goran's house

Chess is cool! Especially when you play it one metre from the seaside

Here in Serbia and Montenegro, friendship is great but on the board the fight is terrible. Goran tried to win or make a draw with GM Ivanovic; he could not do it after 30-40 matches. But he was so enthusiastic to continue to play...

Boris Kutin struggling with Prince, a real Canadian wolf,
a year and a half old. Prince won on tie-break.

A Greek ship in the beautiful sunset at the end of the day

Goran takes us back to hotel...

By the way, do you know that Montenegro is a candidate for the 2010 Chess Olympiad? Think about this beauty, and a world chess event in Herceg Novi. Fantastic idea. My vote is clear... 2010 Herceg Novi!!

Now, if you want to come to Montenegro after this promotion, simply contact Vladimir Šakotic, the organiser of the tournament. Tel: +381 69 498 989, fax: +381 88 345 171. Call him and join us in Herceg Novi...

From Herceg Novi: Ali Nihat YAZICI
President of Turkish Chess Federation

Pictures of the Opening Ceremony

The following pictures are by courtesy of Josip Asik, the editor of the official bulletin and chess journalist.

Boris Kutin, President of ECU, making the welcome speech at the Opening Ceremony

Miroslav Ivanisevic, Vice President of Montenegro, makes his speech

The famous dance of the Mazoretkinje Girls. Every year their dance shows that Spring has arrived. In Montenegro the girls start special events with their charming dance.

A local dancing group perform some African figures

Guests at the opening ceremony

... enjoying the action

Yes, definitely: the Chess Olympiad 2010 in Herceg Novi!


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