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10/12/2010 – In an event organized by Your Next Move for the fourth time, promoting chess in schools and its status as a sport, Garry Kasparov played a simul against top Belgium CEOs, politicians and a selection of children. The event was broadcast online with live and lively commentary by GM Nigel Short and IM Almira Skripchenko. Here is a fun sample of scenes from the show.

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Your Next Move 2010

The fourth edition of the Your Next Move chess tournament took place on October 12th, 2010. The event consisted of chess legend Garry Kasparov in a simul against Belgium CEOs and politicians as well as a selection of young players. The purpose of this initiative, spearheaded by Geerdens, Callewaer and Fehervari, is to encourage chess among children aged six to sixteen. They are not only promoting the integration of chess in the primary school syllabus, but also wish to promote chess playing as a sport. This year the initiative was actively supported by the Flemish government and BNP Paribas Fortis, both of whom were the main sponsors.

On Octbober 3rd, there was a an event in which over 300 young players participated to compete for spots in the simul. Of these, 110 passed on to the next phase, which consisted of a simul held on the weekend of October 9-10, at Option in Louvain against GM Nigel Short, and IM Almira Skripchenko. Both players were to select six players to join the CEOs and politicians, but the selection was expanded to ten, much to the pleasure of both the players and children.

The initial pre-selection event attracted over 300 children from around the
country to compete for a chance to play against Gary Kasparov.

The event was broadcast live online at the official Your Next Move site with live and lively commentary by both Short and Skripchenko. Kasparov won all his games.

Nigel Short despaired, “Oh gosh, no, no, no, no. Argh b5... Oh no, please don’t do
that. You’re attacking on the wrong side.”

It wasn't all easy riding for Garry...

... as he was never shy about showing.

The studio area, where the simul took place, had black lights which cast a constant
purplish shade on the participants.

Almira: “I think the boy played Nd6” – Short: “Yes, yes, he was obviously listening to us
there. That earpiece which I gave him before the game, he is hiding it in that curly hair."

Almira asked Nigel whether Kasparov ever gave 'tells' during his games. A 'tell' is what
is known in poker as a visible physical sign that unwillingly gives away information.

Short said that while Kasparov is famous for very visible reactions, he is not above
a bit of acting when the time seems ripe.

Pictures by and the live video feed.

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