Young Stars of the World 2007

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5/22/2007 – The tournament is being held in Kirishi, near St Petersburg in Russia. It brings together young talents, most 16 years or younger, from all over the world – Russia, India, Germany, Bielorussia, Armenia, Azerbajan and Ukraine. After five rounds of play 14-year-old Parimarjan Negi of India is in the lead, together with Andriasian Zaven of Armenia. Picture report.

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Vanja Somov's Memorial – Young Stars of the World 2007

The Fourth International junior chess tournament is taking place in the town of Kirishi near St Petersburg, Russia, from May 14 to 27, 2007.

The strongest chess players in the world up to the age of 16, from Russia, India, Germany, Bielorussia, Armenia, Azerbajan and Ukraine, were invited to participate in the traditional tournament in the memory of Vanya Somov. Amongst the participants are world champions and those of Europe and Asia in their age categories. The winners will receive prizes and diplomas, and there is a special prize for creative achievements.

The former winners of the International annual tournament were Ian Nepomniachtchi, Russia (2003), Ildar Khairullin, Russia (2004), Sergey Karyakin, Ukraine (2005), Ivan Popov, Russia (2006).

Participants of Young Stars 2007

Seed Player Nation born title rating
Yan Nepomnjashchy Russia 1990 IM 2602
Ivan Popov Russia 1990 IM 2533
Avetik Grigoryan Armenia 1989 IM 2455
Eltai Safarli Azerbajan 1992 IM 2463
Daniil Linchevski Russia 1990 IM 2445
Sergei Zhigalko Bielorussia 1989 GM 2540
Zaven Andriasian Armenia 1989 GM 2523
Falko Bindrich Germany 1990 IM 2469
Yuriy Kuzubov Ukraine 1990 GM 2545
Rauf Mamedov Azerbajan 1988 GM 2584
Parimarjan Negi India 1993 GM 2515
Eduad Gorovykh Russia 1990
Standings after five rounds

Picture Gallery

Opening ceremony in the KINEF Palace of Culture on May 15

Fireworks and girls singing on the stage – a beautiful intro

Participants on the stage at the opening festivities

Daniil Linchevski and Yuriy Kuzubov on the left, Parimarjan Negi on the right

IM Ivan Popov of Russia, born 1990, Elo 2533

GM Yuriy Kuzubov, Ukraine, born 1990, Elo 2545

IM Falko Bindrich of Germany, born 1990, Elo 2469

Pictures provided by Sergey Sorokhtin


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