You say Manama, I say MaNAHma

by ChessBase
10/4/2002 – Three days have passed, both teams in the Man vs Machine event have arrived and settled down in Manama, the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain. We bring you a first visual impression of a place where we are going live and play chess for almost three weeks. Take a look at our Bahrain picture gallery.

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Bahrain picture gallery

The teams arrived in Bahrain around the 1st of October, flying in from Moscow, Germany, Holland and England. The climate is a shock: up to forty degrees during the day, a balmy 35 at night.

But the country is quite spectacular. An the event that is being staged here even more so. We take you on a picture show of the first three days in Bahrain.

The five-star Gulf hotel, where we are all put up. Five star? We give it 6.5!

Beautiful lobby, spactacular restaurant – we will tell you more another day

The grand mosque on the way to the playing site

The games will be helt in the Mind Sports Center in Manama

This is where we come, every day for three weeks

An ambulance and an air-conditioning unit help to combat the 40 degree heat

Old pals: organiser Justin Rickets, Frederic Friedel of ChessBase

A technician getting the sensor board ready

A thermometer to make sure that things don't get too hot

Men in shades: arbiter Enrique Irazoqui and Mathias Feist check the computer

The final rules meeting: Irazoqui, Morsch, GM Lutz, Kure, Pein, Feist

One day before game one Vladimir Kramnik tests the facilities

The three autors of Fritz (Kure, Morsch and Feist) look in awe at their opponent

Afterwards Kramnik is there for the chess-loving Bahraini kiddies

Kramnik's bodyguard, a champion kick-boxer

there to protect his man from the likes of Mig Greengard

Press conference with Shaikh Zeyad, Kramnik, Friedel, Rickets

The opening ceremony

Patron Yousuf al Shirawi and Kramnik wait for the ceremony to begin

The spectacular opening ceremony on the grounds of the Meridian Hotel

His Higness the Crown Prince of Bahrain, the Russian ambassador (right).

The speakers: Frederic Friedel, Shaikh Mohammed, Vladimir Kramnik.

Kramnik and Friedel speak for the humans ...

and for the computer

The very impressive Crown Prince tells the chess people all about falcons.

...and later invites them to visit him at his home.

Picture of the opening ceremony by Dagobert Kohlmeyer.

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